The Coca-Cola Company declined to participate in the January 19, 2006 CNBC show "On the Money" because on the same network, when the same story was broadcast two weeks ago, our spokesperson was treated disrespectfully by guest Ray Rogers and was not afforded the opportunity to adequately communicate our position.

Contrary to what was represented by the anchor of the program during the "On the Money" show, our Company has not refused to do a third party assessment of its workplace practices in Colombia.

An independent assessment of bottling plants in Colombia, which was conducted in 2005 by the internationally respected and SA8000-certified social compliance auditor Cal Safety Compliance Corporation, confirmed that workers in our bottling partners' Colombian plants enjoy freedom of association, collective bargaining rights, and a work atmosphere free of anti-union intimidation.

The Coca-Cola Company is currently facilitating the design and development of a second credible, objective and impartial independent third party assessment in Colombia during the first quarter of 2006, which will involve international labor organizations, non-governmental organizations and our most vocal critics.