"We regret that our high standards for quality, integrity and collaboration were not met by some individuals during recent events at our Shanxi bottling plant. These issues were isolated to this one plant in China," David G. Brooks, President of Coca-Cola Greater China and Korea, said today at a media briefing in Taiyuan, Shanxi.

"We have taken a number of corrective actions to address these matters, and we will redouble our efforts to encourage all our people to work in accordance with our values. We apologize for causing concern to the local community, whose trust and loyalty are the cornerstones of our business." Brooks added.

The Shanxi plant has completed all actions required after the Shanxi Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision's detailed inspection last week. Production at the Shanxi plant is expected to resume in the near future. Changes have already been made to key management positions at the Shanxi plant.