As the worldwide leader in the beverage industry, The Coca-Cola Company has long worked to make sure our cold drink equipment meets the highest possible environmental standards. For the past three years, a special Company task force has been working to identify energy savings opportunities and integrate the use of alternative refrigerants and refrigeration systems.

In connection with this effort, we are issuing the following policy for new cold drink equipment purchased by The Coca-Cola Company:

  • By the Athens Olympic Games in 2004, the Company will no longer purchase new cold drink equipment using hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) where cost efficient alternatives are commercially available. This initiative applies both to refrigerant gases and insulation.
  • Between now and 2004, the Company will expand its innovative research and development program to identify and field-test a variety of promising alternative refrigeration technologies.
  • Suppliers will be required to announce specific time schedules to use only HFC-free foam insulation and refrigeration in all new cold drink equipment by 2004.
  • In concert with the international Kyoto Agreement on climate change, we are requiring our suppliers to develop, by the end of the decade, new equipment that is 40-50 percent more energy efficient than today's equipment.

Consistent with the leadership role taken on ozone-depleting CFCs in the 1990s, The Coca-Cola Company will continue to lead our system to use the most environmentally responsible cold drink refrigeration technology available, intensifying our efforts to support research and innovation in this area. Detailed communications with suppliers about our expectations and schedules will take place over the next few months.

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