Responsible stewardship of the environment is a top priority for The Coca-Cola Company. Our long-term success depends on quenching the thirst of consumers each day in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner. Our new environmental management system, eKOsystem, is being implemented across our business enterprise to address and reduce local impacts on the environment. Key areas of focus in our efforts are ensuring efficient and sustainable use of local water resources; reducing generation of solid waste, maximizing recycling and optimizing our use of materials; and reducing our impact on global climate change.

We are convinced that competition between industries and companies will result in innovations that will stimulate new technologies for reducing impact on climate change. Market based incentives must play a major role in reduction of global warming gases.

We also believe that local governments, industry and NGOs should look for opportunities to work together to stimulate partnerships to reduce the generation of carbon dioxide and other climate change gases. These include restoration efforts that can reduce carbon dioxide gases through creation of new sequestration sources; increased research and development efforts in the areas of energy efficiency, alternative fuels and refrigerants; and market based incentives to stimulate investment in research and development.

We believe such partnerships, supported by national governments, along with mechanisms that stimulate free-market environmentalism must be encouraged if we are to stem the tide of climate change.

We do business in nearly 200 countries and believe that implementation of specific treaties and protocols should be left to national political processes. We have significant challenges and a lot of work to do to meet our own climate change commitments. Our short-term focus is to lead our enterprise out of the use of HFC's for purchase of new equipment and look for innovations that will deliver significant reductions in the amount of energy necessary to run cold drink equipment.