“The Great Happyfication,” the latest installment of the Emmy-nominated Coca-Cola Happiness Factory series, had its worldwide premiere last week. The six-and-a-half-minute animated film was launched at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta in May and debuted on the global stage via YouTube and Facebook, where Coca-Cola's 34 million fans had the opportunity to watch.

The film—which distills five secrets of happiness through elaborate song and dance numbers—kicks off with a coin in a vending machine unlocking the epic landscape inside, where happiness is made around the clock, one bottle at a time. A guide named Pete takes viewers on a journey, meeting up with Wendy, the most enthusiastic cheerleader of all time, a glamorous trio of back-up singing penguins and several colorful Happiness Factory regulars and new characters who impart pearls of wisdom that lead to a positive view of the world.

Happiness and Coke Go a Long Way Back

Coca-Cola has championed happiness since the "Enjoy Life" slogan of 1923. Campaigns through the years have linked Coke with the good life, including 1979's "Have a Coke and a Smile" and more recently "Open Happiness" in 2009.

The Happiness Factory was created in 2007 to tell the whimsical story of what happens inside a Coke vending machine, coming to life in mini movies featured at the World of Coca-Cola as well as in TV commercials. The characters in this fairy-tale world transcend cultural and geographic boundaries, germane to a global audience. How to stay active, mend a broken heart and see the glass half full are some of the themes.

Advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, animation and design studio Psyop and music company Human worked together to create “The Great Happyfication.” "We wanted to make the happiest six and a half minutes in film. No half measures," says Jonathan Mildenhall, VP Global Advertising Strategy & Content Excellence of Coca-Cola.

"Coke doesn't want to keep all of its formulas a secret," says Mark Bernath, executive creative director at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. "In fact, when it comes to how to be happy, the brand is more than ready to sing from the rooftops about it. We created 'The Great Happyfication' as a musical celebration of the tenets of happiness, and we hope people feel good just from watching it."