Today in the United Kingdom, the government announced a new, voluntary system to provide what is known as “hybrid traffic light labeling” on the front of food and beverage packages, using a color-scheme to interpret nutritional value. 

After thoughtful consideration, The Coca-Cola Company has decided not to adopt this color scheme and here’s why.

As a Company and community partner, we are committed to helping people lead active, healthy lives through the variety of beverages we make, the nutrition information we provide, the way we market, the educational programs we support, and our strong backing of physical activity and energy balance.

Coca-Cola has long been committed to displaying clear, factual nutrition information about our products to help make it easy for consumers to make informed decisions that meet their individual needs. In September 2009, we were the first beverage company to commit globally to front-of-pack calorie labeling on nearly all our packaging by the end of 2011, and we are proud to say we met this goal. 

Across the United Kingdom, we voluntarily provided nutrition information on all our products since 2003, and today we display all four nutrients (sugars, fats, saturates and salt) and calories on the front of every single can and bottle we produce, providing people with more information than regulations require.

We committed to communicating nutrition information about our beverages in a transparent manner, and that includes the calories.  Informing with facts will help make it easy for people to make the best choice—a choice to fit their lifestyle. 

In fact on May 8 of this year, we took another step forward in our journey to help address obesity through four global commitments. Across our system, in the UK and the more than 200 countries in which we do business, we commit to: 

  • Offer low- or no-calorie beverage options in every market.
  • Provide transparent nutrition information, featuring calories on the front of all of our packages.
  • Help get people moving by supporting physical activity programs in every country where we do business.
  • Market responsibly, including no advertising to children under 12 anywhere in the world.

These global commitments build on Coca-Cola’s tradition of safe, quality products, and we believe they can contribute to helping tackle the complex societal issue of obesity. To that end, a growing number of our consumers tell us that we helped raise their awareness about the problem and what they can do to make a positive difference in their health and that of their families.  In short, what it takes to achieve an active, healthy lifestyle. 

And though we have made a good start on this journey, we know there is more to do—and we certainly know that The Coca-Cola Company can’t solve this complex problem alone. 

But what we do know is everyone and every sector of society has a contribution to make and a role to play in helping find solutions to address obesity and advance our collective health.  By working together we can make a positive difference.  The time to act is now, so please join us, share your feedback and ideas, at  

Rhona Applebaum is Chief Scientific & Regulatory Officer at The Coca-Cola Company.