Getting active is now easier than ever for youth in one of California’s largest cities. The City of San Francisco and Coca-Cola have unveiled a new transportable recreation unit, which will bring extreme and outdoor sports to all of San Francisco’s neighborhoods.

Mobile Rec 1

Dubbed Mobile Recreation, the innovative new initiative transports activities to youth throughout the city. From skateboards and skateboarding ramps, to BMX bikes and a full-size rock climbing wall, the unit brings cutting-edge outdoor sports to parks and recreation centers for free, drop-in sessions. Even water sports like kayaking and paddle boarding are on the menu.

The Mobile Recreation unit was developed by the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department (SFRPD) with support from The Coca-Cola Foundation.

"To see the joy on these kids faces and the climb the rock wall, or skateboard off a ramp is a true pleasure,” said SFRPD General Manager Phil Ginsburg. “We are grateful to the Coca Cola Foundation for supporting this program and helping us to help kids get out and play."

Mobile Rec 2

The Mobile Recreation program travels both during the week and on the weekend, encouraging youth to “Get Out and Play!” On Wednesdays, the unit serves department after-school programs. On Saturdays, the unit sets up shop in neighborhoods around the city.

So far, the program has served approximately 1,850 youth in San Francisco. Mobile recreation reaches particularly dense urban neighborhoods challenged with safety and affordability for these extreme sports activities.

Mobile Recreation is just one part of The Coca-Cola Company’s global effort to help fight obesity. On May 8, the Company announced four commitments to further contribute to healthier, happier and more active communities around the world. In the United States, the Company has also unveiled plans for a summer of activity and fun with its Get the Ball Rolling initiative.