Placelists heads to Qwill’s home studio in Boston – where “music and family are one.”

Qwill is the musical vehicle of the multi-talented Boston-based singer/songwriter and producer Jesse Ciarmataro. Inspired by hip-hop, folk and acoustic blues, Qwill uses a mix of instruments, both organic and electronic, to craft a warm, summery and uplifting soundtrack. This is music best listened to without distraction to fully appreciate its majesty. We talked to him about music and his Placelist. 

Hello, good to meet you! Tell us about your music?

Hello! My name is Jesse Ciarmataro and I perform and produce music under the name Qwill. I describe my music as a mix of indie, soul, roots and electronic.

Where have you chosen for your Placelist?

I chose Salem in Boston where my home studio is located as my location. It's where I've had the opportunity to bring all my inspiration into my records, and also, being located at home, it always reminds me that music and my family are one.

Where does the name Qwill come from?

The name Qwill comes from an image of a feather on the cover of an old demo cassette tape. My late grandfather, who brought me up writing and recording music, recorded a message to me on that tape, saying to continue my path in music. Two years after he passed, my godmother found the tape. She immediately called me to tell me what she found and relayed the message to me. The experience of him leaving that message was so profound and uplifting.

That's an inspiring story. Is there any artist or band that’s inspired you that you'd love to collaborate with?

I think collaborating with Ben Harper would be pretty righteous!

Listen to Qwill’s Placelist