Bike riding is something we learned as kids, and forgot as adults.

The good news is riding a bike is as easy as, well, getting back on your bike.

More than 150,000 Australians are expected to hop on their bikes for Ride2Work Day on October 16.

The national day is encouraging people who have never ridden to work, or don’t do it very often, to commute on their bike. It’s also an opportunity for keen riders to share their love of cycling with their work colleagues and celebrate just how fun commuting can be.

Organised by Bicycle Network, Ride2Work Day is part of a larger program to get Australians to be more physically active every day. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare recommends 30 minutes of moderate activity for adults most days (up to 60 minutes for children) to stay healthy.

Bicycle Network’s General Manager of Behaviour Change, Ms. Tess Allaway, said one of the key benefits of riding to work is simply getting more activity into each day.

“It’s recommended that Australian adults spend at least thirty minutes per day being physically active,” Tess said.

“Riding to work is a fun and convenient way to achieve this, without cutting too much into the busy day-to-day routine.”

By registering for Ride2Work Day, people would become part of a growing and supportive community of people who are already enjoying the benefits that riding to work offers, Tess explained.

Happily, many communities are hosting free breakfasts, workshops and gatherings on the day, so you can meet up with like-minded cyclists and maybe even learn some tips and tricks on maintenance and mindset.

Find more details and register your participation at