Obesity is a serious and complex issue that affects people in communities, cultures and countries worldwide. Government regulation cannot solve the obesity crisis and we must come together – business, government, and community – to pursue solutions that address this complex public health challenge. Coca-Cola New Zealand is committed to doing its part to address obesity and facilitating positive change in our communities.

No one food or drink is responsible for obesity. And similarly, there is no silver bullet to solving it. All of our beverages, including those with kilojoules, can be enjoyed as part of a healthy and active lifestyle, but all kilojoules count including those in our beverages.. Getting this balance right is crucial. To help people achieve a balance of energy consumed versus energy expended, last year we publicly committed to offering more choices and more nutritional information on our beverage range and to help get kiwis more active. We are already seeing positive results.

We launched our Move60 programme, which aims to get 100,000 teens active for 60 minutes a day by 2020, we’ve launched several low and no kilojoule, and smaller portion packs. One quarter of our entire portfolio is a low or no kilojoule drink option. In addition, we are well on the way to having 5000 of our vending machines fitted with nutrition information labels in 2014.

As a leading beverage company we are at the table and welcome being a part of productive discussions and actions to achieve positive change.

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