Lady Jaydee

Lady Jaydee is a R&B and hip-hop singer from Tanzania. She started singing in church at the age of 7 and in the mid 1990s she was a member of the Afro Reign group. In 2001, she was crowned with as Tanzanian Best Female Artist after the release of her first solo album, 'Machozi.'

In addition of using swahili as her primary language in her music, Jaydee has songs that incorporate English, French, Lingala, and Zulu. She blends a rich, soulful African vocals with arrangements and instrumentation blending both African traditional and modern influences. She has collaborated with  Samba Mapangala from Congo, Chameleone, Mad Ice and Ngoni from Uganda and Mina Nawe from South Africa.

She was voted Best Tanzanian Female R&B Artist in 2002, performed at the Kora All Africa Designers Competition, and was awarded Best R&B Album at the Tanzania Music Awards on August 6, 2004. She has a massive fan base in east Africa. Lady Jaydee has scooped many awards over the years, below are a few:

  • 2004 Tanzania Music Awards - Best R&B Album ('Binti')
  • 2006 Pearl of Africa Music Awards - Best Female (Tanzania)
  • 2007 Tanzania Music Awards - Best Collaboration ('Hawajui'), with Mwanafalsafa
  • 2007 Pearl of Africa Music Awards - Best Female Artist (Tanzania)
  • 2008 Tanzania Music Awards - Best Female
  • 2008 Pearl of Africa Music Awards - Best Female Artist (Tanzania)
  • 2008 Kisima Music Awards - Song of the Year Tanzania ('Anita' with Matonya) & Collaboration of the Year East Africa ('Anita' with Matonya)
  • 2009 Tanzania Music Awards - Song of the Year ('Anita' with Matonya) & Best Collaboration ('Anita' with Matonya)
  • 2010 Tanzania music awards - Best Female Singer
  • 2011 Tanzania Music Awards - Best Female Artist & Best East African Song ('Nitafanya' with Kidumu)
  • 2012 Tanzania Music Awards - Best Female Singer


Octopizzo is a hip-hop artist from Kibera, the largest slum in Africa, and the Founder of the C.B.O. and youth group Y.G.B. (Young, Gifted, and Black), consisting of talented rappers, poets, graffiti artists, graphic artists, and dancers.

FIFA Artist Africa- Octopizzo

Born in 1987, Octopizzo (Henry Ochieng) is a hip-hopper by birth. Octopizzo was first and foremost shaped by his life in Kibera, but was musically influenced by artists such as Chino XL, Big L, KRS, Diabolic, EPMD, Copyright, CL Smooth, Immortal Technik, and Supernatural. He has won various freestyle competitions in Kenya, including G Pange Hip Hop Challenge, Hip Hop Halisi Freestyle Challenge, and Usanii Kona Hip Hop Challenge.

Octopizzo has shared the stage with international artists such as Dead Prezz (U.S.), Black Twang (U.K.), DJ Trouble Maker (U.S.), Bunt Face (U.S./Ethiopia) amongst others. In Kenya, he has performed with a wide range artists including Jua Cali, Nonini, P Unit, Wahu and Wyre.

Octopizzo has recorded 3 mixtapes: S.O.N. (Stragglers of Nairobi), Y.G.B. (Young Gifted and Black), and The White Shadow. In 2008, S.O.N. was the best selling mixtape in Kenyan hip-hop history. His album 'Chocolate City' is soon due for release.

Apart from music, Octopizzo is also the C.E.O of Chocolate City (Kibera) Tours and Chairman/Founder of the youth group Y.G.B. (Young, Gifted, and Black), a community based organization (C.B.O.). He has served as a Youth Ambassador for organizations such as Universal Peace Federation Kenya and UMaY (Uplifting Men and Youth in Africa). Octopizzo also has a hip-hop fashion line called 'Kibera Wear', well known for his Y.G.B. t-shirts and watches. Octopizzo is also an actor with a guest appearance on 'Mali', a Kenyan drama ,and also on MTV Shuga.