Born and raised in the outskirts of Belém, in the Jurunas neighborhood, Gabriela Amaral dos Santos grew up surrounded by music. She was raised in a family of samba musicians and spent her early years dancing in the family's samba gatherings. Gaby is a happy person and there is no such thing as a bad day for her. Before becoming a professional singer, Gabriela was a square dance choreographer, took theater classes, and even made short performances in the community.

She began singing at the age 15 in the Santa Terezinha do Menino Jesus Parish, the neighborhood where she was born and raised. But it was only when she turned 18 that she was allowed to sing in bars in the city and that was when she started singing classical Brazilian pop songs.

The 'Tecnobrega' queen was influenced by singers like Clara Nunes, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, and by the 'brega' (cheesy) Francis Dalva and Reginaldo Rossi. She makes it clear, however, that her main influence is the neighborhood where she was born, where everything is played at the same time.

Gaby Amarantos' first step towards becoming a national hit was when she decided to form the Tecno Show band in 2002. She suggested introducing up-tempo traditional 'brega' guitar riffs blended in with electronic beats in the band's style, as singers Tony Brasil and Jurandir had already done, and that is what gave rise to the 'Tecnobrega' style.

In 2003, the group released their first album, with the hits 'Gemendo' (Moaning) and 'Não vou te Deixar' (I'm Not Gonna Leave You). Soon after the release, the band became a Brazilian hit, performing for the first time in one of the most popular Brazilian TV shows, the 'Domingão do Faustão' (Faustão's Sunday). The following year, Tecno Show released its second album, 'Reacendendo a Chama' (Rekindling the Flame).

Their last album was recorded in 2005, a recording of Tecno Show's live performance. The concert took place at one of the most traditional venues in the city, A Pororoca. Tecno Show sold more than 100,000 copies of the album. With the birth of her son Davi in 2009, Gaby decided to leave the band. Motherhood made the singer reflect more about her professional life, and she decided to go for a solo career.

Solo Career

In 2010, she was invited to appear in the Faustão program for the second time and released the hit 'Hoje eu tô Solteira' (Tonight I'm Single). She was announced by Fausto Silva as the Beyoncé from Pará.

Last year, the 'Tecnobrega' queen focused on recording her first solo CD. She worked on the album, made several concerts around Brazil, recorded a video clip and even a live DVD in the Jurunas neighborhood, which was directed by Priscilla Brasil and Vincent Moon.

The first song to be released, 'Xirley,' has already become a nationwide hit and with a music video, directed by Priscilla Brazil, supporting it. The song and the video were targets of the media and of the general public for the references made to the informal Tecnobrega market and piracy, markets that many knew nothing about before Gaby.

For some time, the Pará rhythm had remained hidden in the state itself, and was labeled as the music coming from the outskirts of Belém. Today, however, Gaby is reaping the success she sowed. The singer recently came under the global media limelight as the "Tecnobrega" queen and she has appeared in several popular programs. She has been praised by Nelson Motta, Hermano Vianna and other music critics. Gabriela Amaral dos Santos, who previously made music that was restricted to the outskirts of Pará, is now considered the hope for Brazilian music.

Tecnobrega became popular, broke gender barriers and won over audiences. Proof of this is the news coming from all over the world about the singer. Not even European clubs have resisted the innovative rhythm.

Gaby was named as one of the 100 most influential people of 2011, and she has the most awaited albums for this year.

And there was also Gaby Amarantos, on national television, kicking off 2012. The singer was the main attraction of the Faustão show on the first day of the year.

The diva has been gaining more and more affection from everyone and has packed on fans, essential for her success. She is grateful for all of the encouragement and affection she has received from her audience.

Her first solo album, 'Treme,' awaited by all, is scheduled to be released in the first half of the year, soon after Carnival. The album was directed by Carlos Eduardo Miranda and produced by Féliz Robatto. 'Treme' has compositions by Gaby and musicians Zé Cafofinho, Ronaldo Silva, Felipe Cordeiro, Dona Onete, Joe Benassi and Maderito, Veloso Dias, and Alipio Martins. It also features singers Fernanda Takai, Thalma de Freitas and Iara Rennó..

The 'Tecnobrega' queen has a lot of projects for this year. Before the CD, Gaby will release her EP. Also planned is the release of the 'Gaby - Live in Jurunas' DVD. There is a lot more to come, and the year is just beginning!