Raffi is born on 29 January 1993 in the beautiful seaside city of Bourgas. He is raised in a calm and friendly atmosphere, surrounded by his family.

Raffi shows great interest in music and arts from a very young age. Although he doesn’t take any singing lessons or any instrument classes, his voice is in great shape. This and his incredible charisma on stage are his golden ticket to success, and indisputable domination in the first season of X Factor Bulgaria. As expected, Raffi wins X Factor, with 51% of the audience vote.

Raffi’s dreams include a successful career in music management. He is inspired by Queen, Lenny Kravitz, James Brown, Usher, Jamiriquai and CeeLo Green. There was a lot in store for Raffi after X Factor, including work on his debut single. Supported by his record label – Virginia Records – Raffi had traveled to London, to meet and get consulted by the Sony Music team, as well as some of the biggest music producing names, like George Levendis and Simon Cowell – founder of SyCo and X Factor reality format.

Raffi was also part of the Coca-Cola Musical “Olympics team” and recorded for “Anywhere in the World”, the worldwide hit by Marc Ronson and Katy B, featuring Angel & Moisey and Krisko.

In 2013 Raffi took part in the TV show “Your Face Sounds Familiar”, which he also won! The singer has performed as one of the most artistic, energetic and funny contestants on the show, who managed to use absolute precision and seriousness when transforming into various international stars. In the summer of 2013 Raffi released the single “4D”, with Leo, Deo and Igrata. At the end of the year, Raffi released another single – “Ne me razbra” (“You didn’t understand”). The video is done in the style of Great Gatsby and is directed by Dimitar Gochev, with the team from Camera production house.

Currently Raffi is one of the most popular Bulgarian pop artists, with his career reaching heights in record breaking time. Despite his young age of 21 years, Raffi’s present status at the Bulgarian music scene is equal to the established artists with over 20 years of experience.

Zhana Bergendorf

Zhana Bergendorf is 29 years old, born on 20.10.1985 in Sofia. She begins singing at the young age of seven, which is to be expected, given the generations of musicians in her family.

FIFA Artist Bulgaria- Zhana

Zhana starts her career at 18, going to South Korea and performing in clubs there. Four years later, Zhana meets her future husband and in 2010 they move to Denmark. There Zhana enters the local X Factor and reaches the Boot camp sessions.

In 2013 Zhana came back to Bulgaria. One of her best friends signs her for the casting of the second X Factor. She easily goes through all the levels of the show reaching the final and grabbing the victory with 69.9% votes from the audience. She was not nominated for elimination even once during her time in X Factor. Fergie – A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lml7o5VhkzE) James Arthur – Impossible (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJuHd191unk ) Beyonce – Listen (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hazJktxIEaw) Adele – Rolling In The Deep (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dm9AcUli6Ks) Prince – Purple Rain (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TFza3iM7Rc). Currently Zhana is working on her debut single. She has just came back from her trip to London, where she met with key members of the music industry and Syco Ent./Sony Music, including the X Factor creator Simon Cowell, the UK winner in 2012 - James Arthur, and the current winner – Sam Bailey. The London trip has resulted in securing a recording session of Zhana in the biggest recording studio in Europe – Metropolis with one of the legendary music producers Ray Hedges. The new single will be released early May.

Leo Bianchi

FIFA Artists Bulgaria- Leo Bianchi

Leonardo Bianchi, commonly known as Leo, is Italian and Bulgarian singer, chef and TV presenter.

Leo is born in Ancona, Italy. He starts working at the age of 15 and drops off high school. It is then that he discovers his calling – cooking. Leo arrives in Bulgaria for the first time in 1992. In 1994 he settles down in Bourgas. In 2005 Leo took part in the Bulgarian edition of Big Brother 2.

He is the first foreigner to participate in this reality format in Bulgaria.

Soon after leaving the Big Brother house, Leo records a few singles with Deo and becomes the host of a TV culinary show “What Leo mixed”, airing on Bulgarian channel TV7 from 2010 to 2013.

Leo has several music projects with Igrata, Deo and Raffi so far. The track „4D“, released in July 2013, has become the summer anthem of that year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfGVwqsjF04

Leo owns a few establishments - two pizza places and a café in Sofia, where he lives. In 2013 Leo once again took part in Big Brother – “Big Brother All Stars 2013”.

Leo is currently residing in Sofia, together with his partner, Lucia. The couple has been together since 2004. In 2013, only two weeks before he entered the Big Brother house, Leo and Lucia became parents of two boys, twins – Mattia and Nicolo.

In September 2013 Leo took part in the COCA COLA HAPPY ENERGY TOUR 2013.


FIFA Artist Bulgaria-Deo

Deyan Geodarov Slavchev, commonly known as Deo, is a Bulgarian TV presenter and musician.

Deo used to host the TV programmes “Jukebox” and “Jukebox: Love apartments”, as well as “Commercial Break” and “The Big 10”, on the same TV channel. He was one of the TV hosts for the local version of “Are You Smarter Than a 5-th Grader?”together with Dimitar Pavlov.

Deo is born on 7 October 1975. He graduated in Russian philology from the Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski”. As a student, Deo has worked as a waiter and, later on, as a bartender. He keeps the latter occupation for several years. Deo wins the contest for “Jukebox” hosts, which is held at the venue where he works.

Deo had performed in the stage play “Oxygen” at Theatre 199.

In 2004 Deo takes part in the film “The Rebellion of L.”, with part of the principle photography taking place in Balchik.

In 2009 Deo won the VIP Brother 3 (aka Celebrity Big Brother), where all proceeds went to charity. A few months later, Deo realised his solo album.

In spring 2013 Deo took part in the reality format “Dancing Stars”.

In 2014 Deo hosts the annual BG Hip Hop awards. He and Leo, Raffi and Igrata won the award for “Best looking male artists”.

In September 2013 Deo took part in the COCA COLA HAPPY ENERGY TOUR 2013.


FIFA Artist Bulgaria- Igrata

Ivaylo Ivanov, better known as the hip-hop artist Igrata, is a Bulgarian rapper and TV presenter.

In the summer of 2002, Igrata and Emo-B created the band “White devils”. Their first single, “Heads or tails” enters top positions in the radio “Mila” charts, back then the only hip-hop radio in Bulgaria. Some time later, Igrata had become a host on the radio.

The single “You Want to Dance” is his first absolute smash hit. In 2003 Igrata became the author and host of the radio programme “You want commercial – there’s commercial” (“Ти искаш комерс – на ти комерс”).

The rapper Misho Shamara (Мишо Шамара) invites Igrata to become part of the newly created music label “R&B Records”. At the end of 2005 Igrata started his TV career as the host of “MeloTVMania”. In December 2006 Igrata released his debut album, “Neshto po-taka”. In 2009 he started working for The Voice TV. 2010 proved to be one of the most dynamic years in his career as a presenter at various events, including the Coca Cola Energy Tour. In 2011 and 2012 Igrata took part in music events series called “Hip-Hop History Repeating”, held to promote the love for Bulgarian hip-hop.

In June 2013 Igrata released a track together with Leo, titled “All Summer Long” ('Цяло лято''), featuring Krisko. In July 2013 Igrata recorded his next summer anthem, in collaboration with Deo, Leo and Raffi, called “4D”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfGVwqsjF04

In September 2013 Igrata took part in the COCA COLA HAPPY ENERGY TOUR 2013.