Aida Mušanović, born on December 26, 1988 in Goražde, began her music education in her hometown. She moved to Sarajevo in 2011 to study the piano under Prof. Ranka Cecić-Jovanović at a secondary music school. She graduated from the Academy of Music in Sarajevo in 2009 and completed her Masters studies in 2010 under the tutelage of Prof. Boris Kraljević and Higher Ass. Dragan Opančić.

During her education, Aida took part in many national and international competitions, winning top honors for piano solo and chamber ensembles. She has performed solo recitals in B&H, B&H, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, and the U.S. She has also performed as a soloist with the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra. She actively participated in the master classes of Prof. Noel Flores, Rita Kinka and Aleksandra Romanić. Aida was named top student of generation four times: after finishing primary school, secondary school, after graduation The Academy, and after finishing master studies. The University of Sarajevo recognized her twice as the university's most successful students, awarding her two Golden Badges. She is currently employed by the Sarajevo Opera, where she works as a pianist and accompanist. She also works as pianist and artistic collaborator at The Academy of Music in Sarajevo with students in the violin department. 

Aida is also a vocalist and has been singing pop, rock, jazz and show tunes since she was eight years old. She improved her vocal skills by attending master courses "Estill Voice Model" by Prof. Anne-Marie Speed, who is a professor of voice at the Royal Academy of Music in London. She has been the vocalist of the Groovemarkers, a well-known Sarajevo band, since 2005. You can also see her perform with the Aida Trio, composed of Aido, her brother on keyboard, and prominent drummer Dr. Ammar Cesljar. In December 2012, Aida started singing jazz in the jazz ensemble 5/4 and they are actively performing on Sarajevo jazz scene. She has also participated twice in the Eurovision Song Contest as a back-up vocalist, a member of the delegation of B&H in 2008 with Laka in Belgrade, and played with Dino Merlin in Dusseldorf in 2011. After succesful performance on ESC, she continued to collaborate with Merlin and is currently a member of his band. Aida has also been a soloist of the ensemble Cabaret for the past five years, which operates under the IMTM (Institute for Musical Theatre and Multimedia), and so far they have performed excerpts from a number of famous Broadway and West End musicals. As a vocalist, she has performed with many renowned regional stars. She made archive recordings for BHRT (the national broadcast network), and was engaged as a vocalist in many game and talk shows, on national television as well as in other BH broadcasts.