In the South Seas, the name Millane refers to a scent that creates a positive atmosphere. This is the phenomenon that Indonesian-born Millane Fernandez conveys in her music. Caribbean rhythms, enriched with elements of hip-hop, Reggae, R&B and Funk, all backing a soulful voice. Millane presents the diversity of the tropics, powerful and self confident. Her singing is light and her lyrics are thoughtful. Her music allows the listener to experience the different cultural influences in the music. The demand is universal and the communication very personal. Even the heavy monsoon rainfall in Indonesia cannot hide the fact that a volcano is bubbling. In the same way, Millane yearns to set her energy free and, when she does, nothing holds her back.

She was born in Jakarta but spent her youth in Hamburg. She is fluent in many languages. She became involved in the pop scene at an early age and struck her first record deal at the age of 14. Her first single, 'Boom Boom', was produced by Dieter Bohlen and sold over 100,000 copies. She performed in the 2001 Eurovision Gran-Prix, at The Dome, on Top of the Pops, TV-Total, VIVA Comet, Interaktiv and many others. Following her meteoric start, Millane decided to ground herself by finishing her schooling. For a while, she also persued her third passion (besides singing and dancing): fashion design. In 2003, she returned full-time to music, playing the lead role in the musical Time After Time, going on tour with North German television (NDR), singing in a gospel choir, and performing with artists such as Dave Dee, Mongo Jerry and Graham Harrison.

After years of gaining experience as a live performer, she started working together with an old school friend, the producer Pierce Vaughn, on a new collection of recordings. The time is right for Millane. She has transformed herself from a teen pop star to an adult artist. She wants to produce the kind of music that stands up to her own demands. She has roots in different continents and her influences are diverse. She's taken advantage of this, and her broad emotional and musical range, to produce an impressive body of work.