Soo Wincci

Soo Wincci is a multi-talented singer, musician, actress, model, chef, and beauty pageant winner. In 2008, Wincci also earned a Master in Business Administration from University of Sunshine Coast. On the day of her graduation she flew to South Africa to represent Malaysia in the 58th Miss World Beauty Pageant, competing with some 108 delegates from all over the world. In the Miss World 2008 pageant she was a semifinalists (Top 32) for 'Miss World Top Model' and a finalists (Top 19) for 'Miss World Top Talent'. She performed the Chinese art of 'Mask Changing' while playing and singing 'Beauty with a Purpose, a song that she wrote. After her performance, Zhang Zi Lin, the 57th Miss World, said of Wincci, “By showing the world with such sophisticated performance, you are already a winner." Wincci participated the first season of Master Chef Selebriti Malaysia and made it to the Top 5. Soo Wincci is currently pursuing her PhD in Business Administration at Open University.


FIFA Artist Ajai

Ajai is a name that need no introduction to the entertainment and music business in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. He began his musical career at a very young age, studying music in primary school

Ajai has proven his capability as a composer, when he was given the opportunity to produce the album of ZIANA ZAIN. His work on the album created buzz in the industry. After that, he was in  high demand to produce songs for artists like Siti Nurhaliza, Ella, Kris Dayanti, Saleem, Sheila Majid, and many others. Most of his original songs have been big hits on radio and won numerous awards.

After finding success as a songwriter and producer, Warner Music gave Ajai the opportunity to record his own duet album. Ajai has produced 4 duet albums along his journey as a singer. Apart from that, Ajai was given the chance to record a song with Kris Dayanti and the song 'HATI INI TELAH DILUKAI' became a big hit in Malaysia.

Kunala Gunaseelan (Mister G)

FIFA Artist Mistah G

Kunala Gunaseelan was born and brought up in Sentul, a neighborhood that is just a few miles away from the heart of the city. As a boy he was very well into music. Listening to both Tamil songs from the Indian films and Malay pop numbers, he would imitate his favorite singers and try to sound like them. At 15, it was at a school event that he showcased this talents to a crowd and the boy found the love of his life -- singing, dancing, and entertaining.