Ah, summertime.

'Tis the season for baseball games, swimmin' holes, backyard barbecues, beach vacations, family reunions and good, old-fashioned road trips. The time of year when longer days and warmer temperatures invite us to relax, recharge, reconnect and soak up the sunshine – with one of our beverages in hand, of course.

Summer is also a great time to catch up on reading. With that in mind, here are 10 Coca-Cola Journey feature stories from our archives to add to your summer reading list. Enjoy!

Delicious Dozen

Mark Armstrong

The Delicious Dozen: The 12 Best Coca-Colas I Ever Tasted

Message in a Bottle: How One Boy Started a Floating 'Chain of Happiness'

motorhome 900

I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke... Motorhome?

penley blog 604

A Brush With Greatness: Meet Georgia Painter Steve Penley, Coke’s Unofficial Artist-in-Residence

Seaglass 604

The seafoam color of sea glass comes from the green dye used in early Coca-Cola bottles.

Gary de Blois/Sea Glass Journal

Why Coke Bottles are a Cherished Find for Sea Glass Collectors

The Coca-Cola Ghost Sign Painter and His Grandaughter

Roger Cook

He Helped Teach the World to Sing: Meet One of the Songwriters Behind the Iconic Coke Jingle-Turned-Pop Hit

King of Pops

King of Pops Pays Homage to Atlanta Neighbor With Coke Float Pop (Recipe Included)

‘We're Treasure Hunters at Heart’: Step Back in Time With a Tour of Cracker Barrel’s Décor Warehouse

Double Feature: Coke's Cinematic Connection With Drive-In Movie Theaters