“Share a Coke” may have left the shelves at the end of the summer, but the e-Commerce campaign is still going strong. Fall presents a plethora of opportunities to order customized 8-oz. glass bottles of Coca-Cola online for doorstep delivery within days.

Since the “Share a Coke” campaign launched in May, Coca-Cola fans have stepped up their game. From party favors, birthday gifts and inside jokes to birth announcements and marriage proposals, bottle labels have become acanvas for an array of commemorative messages. And with autumn now underway, the potential for creativity is higher than ever. So grab your sweater and scarf, and click over to www.shareacoke.com to create your very own fall memory.

Here are 10 reasons to celebrate the season with a personalized Coke bottle:

Football Season

From First and Goal, to Friday Night Lights, score big with a shout-out to fall’s favorite sport.


Study Abroad

Heading overseas for a semester? Make your classmates jealous by declaring your destination in a refreshing way.

Social Media

Simultaneously “Share a Coke” and plug your handle, blog, hashtag or profile page.


College Life

Be the big man (or woman) on campus by showing your school spirit.


“Share a Coke” bottles are fit for kings, queens and everyone in between.


Toast the great outdoors by bringing an ice-cold Coke with you when you hit the trail this fall.


Family Reunions

Show your pride for your surname with a custom bottle. Check out this Hispanic Heritage Month video for inspiration


Whether you’re trick-or-treating or hosting a spooky soiree, custom Coke bottles are the perfect companion for ghosts and goblins on fall’s haunted holiday.

Birthday Milestones

From sweet 16 to the big 4-0, nothing says happy birthday quite like an ice-cold Coke.


Whether you’re the host or the guest, give thanks to your turkey day companions with personalized Coca-Cola bottles.

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