The iconic Coca-Cola bottle officially turns 100 today, but we’ve been celebrating this milestone throughout the year on Coca-Cola Journey via our dedicated #CokeBottle100 editorial package. We’ve chronicled the bottle's inspiring history, amplified our 2015 marketing campaign, and highlighted how the classic package continues to inspire innovation and creativity.

We’ve also published an array of stories that showcase the Coke bottle’s enduring legacy and lasting impact on the worlds of fashion, art, music and popular culture in general, and how it has touched countless lives over the years.

Here are a dozen stories we think deserve a second look, ideally with an ice-cold Coca-Cola in hand. Enjoy!

Seaglass 604

The seafoam color of sea glass comes from the green dye used in early Coca-Cola bottles.

Gary de Blois/Sea Glass Journal

Why Coca-Cola Bottles Are a Cherished Find for Sea Glass Collectors

Message in a Bottle 604
Nina Lesiga holds the Mexican Coca-Cola bottle containing the original message. 

James Russo

Message in a Bottle: How One Boy Started a Floating Chain of Happiness

Bottleneck Blues: Why Slide Guitarists Reach for the Coca-Cola Bottle

Harley Davidson 604

Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Archives, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Hog History: This 1919 Photo Featuring the Coke Bottle Helped Nickname Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

penley blog 604

A Brush with Greatness: Meet Georgia Painter Steve Penley, Coke's Unofficial Artist-in-Residence

6000 dollar coke bottle 604 soldiers
Winners of the raffle, Sergeant De Schneider and Sergeant Lawrence Presnell, with Elba Carswell.

The Priceless Story of a $6,000 Bottle of Coke

Howard Finster Coke Bottles 604
Photo courtesy of The Thomas E. Scanlin Collection.

Howard Finster and the Art of the Coke Bottle

Mother's Day Memories 604
Ana Castillo recreates a photo of her mom with a Coca-Cola in Atlanta for a special Mother's Day gift.

This Employee Recreated a 1962 Photo of Her Mom with a Coke Bottle

Iraq Bottler 604
Photo by Marc Andrew Stephens

Two Centenarians: Iraq's First Coke Bottler Shares a Birth Year with the Coca-Cola Bottle

upcycled glass bottle chandelier 604

Let There Be Light: Upcycled Chandeliers Give Coke Bottles New Life

Jhaperri and Bridgette 604
Bridgette Wash and her grandson, Jhaperri, whose emotional story featuring the Coca-Cola bottle recently won the Stagebridge Theater’s Grandparent Tales Storytelling Contest in San Francisco.

From Grandma to Grandson, Coca-Cola Bottle Inspires Family to Push Toward the Positive

Earthship 3 604
Binder inside her Earthship home.

Valerie Defert

More Than Mud: Self-Sustaining Recycled Homes More Than the Sum of Their Parts