What was life like before Coca-Cola? There's probably no one walking the Earth today that would know. Coke was introduced 125 years ago at a soda fountain in Atlanta, Georgia, and picked up steam as the first Cola beverage on the market. While we may not have known life before Coke first hand, there are some testimonial letters in the Archives that talk about the impact of Coca-Cola in the marketplace. This is the first letter in a short series that I will do over the next few weeks that captures the feelings soda fountain operators had about serving this new product, "Coca-Cola". This first letter, from a drug store in Woonsocket, Rhode Island in January of 1893 reads, "In over twenty years experience of Soda Fountain management I have not known a beverage to be put upon the market that in point of giving universal satisfaction and extent of sales can compare with Coca-Cola." You can view this actual letter in the Milestones Gallery at the World of Coca-Cola.
18930127 - Woonsocket, Rhode Island Coca-Cola Testimonial Letter