The third letter in our "125 Years Ago... Life without Coca-Cola" series comes from a soda fountain operator named J.B. Davenport in Augusta, Georgia. Writing on March 4, 1891, just shy of the fifth anniversary of Coca-Cola, he shares, "My customers were so delighted with Coca-Cola last year I have determined to make it my leader this year." He continued later, "I have been running soda founts for the last 15 years, during that time I have bit at nearly every new drink offered. My experience has been they run for a season, then die - not so with Coca-Cola. I am pleased with it. In my opinion Coca-Cola has come to stay." At the end of the testimonial letter, he gives advice to southern fountain operators to "let alone" beverages that come from the North, and "adopt Coca-Cola". While I, a Yankee, take offense at the regionalization, I can't argue the point about adopting Coca-Cola! While letter two in the series reported that "New converts are coming in everyday" for Coca-Cola, this letter proclaimed Coke "a pleasure to dispense".
1891 Coca-Cola Augusta, Georgia Testimonial