What was life like before Coca-Cola? We (thankfully) don't know. A few weeks back, we shared an 1893 letter that is on display at the World of Coke from a soda fountain operator in Woonsocket, Rhode Island describing the then new product, "Coca-Cola". Today's letter is a Coca-Cola Conversations exclusive from the G.M. Tower Company, a St. Augustine, Florida retailer, written to Asa Candler on December 30, 1890. One of the toughest things for me when I started as an Archivist a decade ago was to read the handwriting from this era, but among the things I can decipher in this letter are the following quotes: "We are on our last barrel of Coca-Cola. New Converts are coming in everyday & the beauty of it is they all make converts of others to its use", and "We make the prediction that in a short time it will become the most popular drink throughout the U.S." If you can make out anything else from this two-page letter, please send it in via comments! 

1890 Coca-Cola St Augustine, Florida Testimonial

1890 Coca-Cola St Augustine, Florida Testimonial p2