From philanthropic drones, to a dog named Bobby, to vending machines that inspire new connections, Coca-Cola brought plenty of happiness to YouTube in 2014 through a creative batch of videos. We combed through last year's buzzed-about films and compiled this list of our 14 favorites, which have racked up more than 62 million views. Many will make you laugh, some may make you cry.... but all are sure to inspire. Enjoy!  

Friendly Twist (Colombia)

Friendly twist 604

Coca-Cola came up with a unique way to help college students shake the first-year jitters and bond with their fellow freshmen. The ice-breaking solution? The Coca-Cola “Friendly Twist” bottle, which can only be opened with the help of another person. Coke tested the bottles, fitted with interlocking caps that can only be twisted open by a matching top, on the first day of class at a university in Colombia. After reaching into a cooler and pulling out what appeared to be a regular bottle of Coke, the students realized they needed to first make a new friend before enjoying the ice-cold beverage. Watch it here

Social Media Guard (U.A.E.)

2014 videos social media guard 604

“If you're watching this video on your mobile phone, it's time to put it down. Look around you: there’s probably someone special you can share a real moment with.” That’s the description posted alongside this cheeky film, which invites technophiles to enjoy real moments of connection with each other by taking a refreshing pause from their screens. Watch it here 

Coca-Cola Slurp! (Denmark)

slurp 604

A hidden camera, a green screen, a very fast retoucher and a little moviemaking magic combined to deliver an unforgettable night at a Copenhagen cinema. Coca-Cola devised a unique way to remind chatty audiences to hush during showtime. Moviegoers were surprised to see themselves on the big screen, popping up behind the actors, noisily slurping Coca-Cola and spoiling the drama in a specially made short film. The message? "Please keep quiet during the movie.  It’s not the same with you in it." Watch it here 

It's Beautiful (United States)

2014 videos AIB 604

During the 2014 Big Game, Coca-Cola debuted a 60-second salute to all Americans and the Coca-Cola moments they share. Set to “America the Beautiful” sung by U.S. citizens in seven languages, the film features scenes showcasing the country’s expansive landscapes interspersed with neighborhoods, metro cityscapes and tucked-away cafes. The ad, which has been viewed more than 12 million times, provides a snapshot of the lives of Americans representing diverse ethnicities, religions, races and families. Watch it here 

#CokeDrones: Happiness From the Skies (Singapore)

2014 videos drones 604

Construction workers working far from their homes and families were surprised by a fleet of remote-controlled drones delivering care packages courtesy of Coca-Cola and the nonprofit organization Singapore Kindness Movement. Customized drones flew high through construction sites, dropping off boxes of Coke cans and more than 2,700 photos of Singaporeans with handwritten signs thanking the unsuspecting workers for building their city. Watch it here 

Share a Coke with Bobby (Netherlands, adapted from South Africa)

share bobby 604

After premiering in South Africa, this wildly popular "Share a Coke" ad made the rounds throughout Europe during summer. In the spot, a photogenic dog scours the streets in search of a Coke with his name on it. The border collie/pit bull mix finds cans with Sipho, Peter and Paul… but not Bobby... until the "awww"-inspiring finale. The  Ting Tings' “That’s Not My Name” fittingly serves as the ad's soundtrack. Watch it here

Happy Beep (Brazil)

happy beep 604

Coca-Cola brings a little happiness to the often-dreary supermarket line in this clever spot, which uses the brand's signature five-note-melody to add a musical flair to the checkout process. Every time a Coke barcode was scanned, the register played the refreshing tune and brought smiles to customers' faces. Watch it here

Hello Happiness (U.A.E.)

Hello happiness 604

To give laborers in Dubai a few extra minutes of happiness, Coca-Cola created a special phone booth that accepts Coke bottle caps instead of coins for a free international phone call so they could connect with their loved ones back home. Watch it here 

Happiest Thank You (Philippines)

Happiest Thank You 604

Every day, countless people we encounter make our lives happier. We thank them, yet we don't know their names. This "Share a Coke" film documents the real reactions of everyday Filipinos, usually referred to by generic names like "Ate", "Kuya" and "Totoy," as people thank them with a Coke bottle with their first name on the label. Watch it here

#ShareaWhiteChristmas (Singapore)

white christmas 604

Singaporeans can usually only dream of a white Christmas. But last month, Coca-Cola brought the wintry wonderland of the Finnish Laplands to the tropics via a pair of high-tech vending machines. In Finland, bundled-up families are seen sledding and trekking across a frozen landscape, while short-sleeved Singaporeans enjoy a much warmer evening in a bustling shopping area. After exchanging warm waves and smiles via a live video link, Lapland locals shovel snow into their machine, sending a shower of flakes down on their new friends halfway across the world. Watch it here

Not Seeing is Believing (United States and Brazil)

blind fifa

Only FIFA World Cup champions and heads of state are allowed to touch the solid-gold symbol of world football supremacy. But FIFA granted a one-time exception and made the impossible possible for athe Brazilian national blind football team. Coke and FIFA surprised the squad by bringing the FIFA World Cup trophy to its training facility near Rio. The 3-minute film, which is part of an inspiring series of videos produced for Coke's "The World's Cup" campaign, shows the players approaching the trophy in a single-file line with their hands on the shoulders of the teammate in front of him. Watch it here

Stop 'Phubbing' Around (U.A.E.)

2014 videos phubbing 604

This viral hit, which has racked up an impressive 22.2 million views in less than a month, Coke encourages fans to resist phoning in their lives ("Phubbing" means to snub someone by staring at a screen) and instead "snap real moments" The cinematic, 2-minute spot plugs the #enjoynowsharelater hashtag and this blunt call to action: "Every moment in your life is unique and precious. Enjoy it! Live it to the fullest! Let nothing distract you from drinking every last drop of this sweet nectar called life." Watch it here

Happiness Arcade (Bangladesh)

recycle arcade 604

Coca-Cola is promoting recycling in Bangladesh, one video game at a time. The brand installed arcade-style machines in six youth hotspots throughout Dhaka, a city of 15 million people. Instead of taking coins, the machines accepted empty plastic bottles through a customized slot and rewarded consumers with a Coke-themed video game. Over a six-day period, the activation collected thousands of bottles, which will be converted into pellets for reuse in other products. Watch it here


Share the Derby (Italy)

share derby 604

One iconic city. Two iconic football teams. Welcome to Milan, Italy – home to one of the world’s fiercest sporting rivalries. When the famous red and black of A.C. Milan meets the blue and black of Internazionale (Inter), the city goes into lockdown, bracing for the heated cross-town derby. In December 2013, Coca-Cola placed vending machines in opposing fans’ areas of the San Siro stadium: one at the Inter fans’ entrance and another at the Milan end. The machines allowed patrons to “share” a Coke with an opposing fan across the stadium. With the push of a button, fans could send a Coke to someone standing at the other machine. Watch it here

Did we miss any of your favorites? What do you think Coke has in store for 2015? Let us know in the comment section below.