We stayed busy here at Coca-Cola Journey HQ in 2014, creating and curating hundreds of feature stories, blog posts, videos and infographics. Unless you visit us every day, chances are you probably missed a few of our "greatest hits."

That's why, earlier this week, we resurfaced 14 of the year's top Coca-Cola headlines. Today we're taking a look back at 14 of our favorite "non-branded' stories – feature articles that explore topics we care about as a company (from food and sports, to careers and innovation), but that don't include a direct link to Coca-Cola. We think the list below includes something for everyone, and hope you agree.

Happy reading, and happy new year!

Why Tiny Houses Are a Big Deal 

By Anna Raddatz, originally published May 12, 2014

YIR 2014 Tiny Houses 604

Finding Mexico City: A Photo Essay 

By Marcus Nilsson, originally published Jan. 17, 2014

YIR 2014 Mexico City 604

It Takes Only One Leg to Score a Goal 

By Meagan Priselac, originally published on April 10, 2014

YIR 2014 Nico 604

10 Cutting-Edge Coworking Spaces 

By Darren Dahl, originally published on Feb. 5, 2014

YIR 2014 Coworking 604

Different Strokes: A New Generation of Sign Painters Picks Up a Brush 

By Anna Raddatz, originally published on Aug. 21, 2014 

YIR 2014 Sign Painters 604

Army Vs. Navy: Inside One of College Football's Most Unique Rivalries

By Elliott Smith, originally published on Dec. 10, 2014

YIR 2014 Army Navy 604

A Dog’s Life: Service Animals Love, Rescue and Guide Humans

By Mackensy Lunsford, originally published Sept. 26, 2014

YIR 2014 Dogs Life 604

Work/Life Balance: What it Means to Millennials

By Teresa Meek, originally published Oct. 1, 2014

YIR 2014 Balance 604

Old Time Radio’s Second Wind

By Justin DeFreitas, originally published March 13, 2014

YIR 2014 Old Time Radio 604

He Built This City: Man Creates His Ideal Town, 74 Million People Drop By

By Jim Koscs, originally published Nov. 5, 2014

YIR 2014 Elgin Park 604

Legos for Adults: Grownups Embrace the Plastic Bricks

By Laura Randall, originally published Oct. 24, 2014

lego 604

Chairmen of the Keyboard: Dissecting the Dueling Pianos Phenomenon

By John Searles, originally published Nov. 12, 2014

YIR 2014 Dueling Pianos 604

Living Room Concerts Return Live Music to Its Roots 

By Dana Hazels Seith, originally published July 9, 2014

YIR 2014 Living Room Concerts 604

Supper Clubs Strike Back

By Mackensy Lunsford, originally published Sept. 8, 2014

YIR 2014 Supper Clubs 604

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