We often hear stories about people who say they have relatives who modeled for Coca-Cola ads through the years. And, most of the time, they have the final ad which features a painted illustration of the person they say is their relative. Very seldom do they have an actual photograph of the model posing in the studio, so I was intrigued when I came across this photograph of the models who posed for the 1911 "All The World Loves A Coca-Cola" cutout. As you can see from the photo on the left to the final ad on the right, the artist decided to replace the male model's black shoes and hat strip, and it even looks like he added a big bow on his shoelace. I guess the lady's attire was ok in his eyes, but it looks like she forgot to bring her fountain glass and her Coca-Cola fan to the shoot.
1911 Coca-Cola Advertising Models 1911 Coca-Cola All The World Cutout