I am working on a project detailing our history of promotions and merchandising and in doing my research ran across a document that I wanted to share with you. 

As you may know, from 1892 to 1919, The Coca-Cola Company was a Georgia Corporation whose primary owner was Asa Candler.  We have the minute books from the board meetings for this Corporation and they provide a great deal of insight into the early history and growth of The Coca-Cola Company.


The 1910 Board Minutes contain a section detailing the "larger" expenses for advertising items from 1906 through 1910.  These three pages give the details of how much The Coca-Cola Company spent on many of the items that are now so collectible.  Do you have a 1907 tray produced by Charles W. Shonk Company?  We spent $14,197.97 for them.  Do you have a sampling coupon from 1910, we redeemed $13,695.35, which at five cents a serving equals 27,907 tickets.  

I blogged about wall signs a few weeks ago.  These pages show the steady growth in spending for this form of advertising. 

Enjoy the pages and let me know if anything stands out to you.