ES010881 One of my favorite items in the World of Coca-Cola is the workers jacket that has a Coca-Cola logo sewn onto the front.  We used this artifact as one of the cornerstones of the Logo case in the Milestones of Refreshment gallery.  We were recently scanning and cataloging our pamphlet collection and I ran across this flyer offering "Lettered Allovers and Coats." 00000744     The flyer is from 1924 and was put out by the Marcus Loeb Co. from Atlanta, Ga.  I had always thought the jacket we have on display would have been used as a uniform related to bottling.  This flyer offers quite a few other uses including baseball games, parks, fairs and outdoor amusement areas.  I wish I could still get one for the $ 24.00 listed on the brochure!