W0565-lo I really enjoy reading the communications that The Coca-Cola Company sent to our bottlers around the country.  One can really learn a great deal about how we advertised and brought our product to market by reading these monthly or in some cases even weekly notices.

I was interested in the letter about the 1929 calendar below.  There are a few things to notice, first is the statement that "the Coca-Cola Calendar has become an institution."  Next, you will note the price per calendar was just under .05 cents per calendar.  Not a bad price. The Coca-Cola Company did not very often identify the artist, but in this case we proudly stated that Hayden Hayden painted the portrait.  And finally, we included December 1928 so the calendar could be distributed to the market a little earlier.

1929 Calendar Letter I am sure there are many collectors who would gladly pay 5 cents for a mint 1929 calendar as the collectible guides vaule the calendar with a full pad at around $ 2,200.