Egypt Newspaper Ad002 My name is Stephanie Nestor and I am the summer intern here at the Coca-Cola Archives.  I am in graduate school at the University of Texas in Austin, where I am studying to become an archivist.  I'm in the second week of my internship now and have really enjoyed my time here so far.  It has been great getting to know the Archives team and working with the Coca-Cola artifacts and materials.  I'll be working on a variety of projects throughout the summer.  You've already gotten a sneak-peek here on the blog of one project I'm really looking forward to: the 125th Anniversary Collection.  Ted has shared some of the great memorabilia that has been shipped in from around the world.  Keep posted because I will be sharing some of those great pieces on the blog as well.

Egypt Newspaper Ad003 Last week, I began processing 1940s and 1950s advertising releases that the Coca-Cola Export Corporation sent to the international braches of the company.  Most of the print advertisements used by the foreign branches were American ads with translated text.  Of course it's always interesting going through these print ads, but I had seen a lot of Coca-Cola's early advertisements before beginning this internship.  So, I was particularly interested when I came across these Egyptian newspaper ads that ran in early 1951.  I had never before seen early Coca-Cola print ads like these before.  The Coca-Cola Export Corporation sent these Egyptian ads to the other branches as an example of how to adapt the campaign to the needs of the local market.