Animals of Africa 1961 print adIn 1961, Coca-Cola introduced the "Animals of Africa" promotion to the South African market. Consumers would turn in six specially marked Coca-Cola caps plus one cent in order to collect each miniature ivory animal figure with "Drink Coca-Cola" on the base. The promotional posters read, "Every time you refresh with ice cold Coca-Cola, you help a wild animal survive", and proceeds were donated to the Water for Wild Animals Fund. Animals of Africa 3-D settingThe Company at the time was looking for "a large-scale promotion which would not only offer to the public interesting and attractive premiums for the purchases of Coca-Cola, but would be of direct assistance in a cause of national importance, namely, the protection of the wildlife of Africa." There were a total of 20 animals in the complete set, although one collector has a set featuring a 21st animal - the beloved South African Springbok!

Animals of Africa jewelryThe 3-D setting could be purchased separately, and some people even adorned the animals as jewelry as you can see in this great picture of a lady wearing a necklace, bracelet and earrings made of the animals. This continues to be a very popular item among Coca-Cola Collectors, even in the United States even though the promotion did not run in the US. The similar "Birds of Africa" campaign was launched in South Africa the following year.