I wrote yesterday about the Springtime in Atlanta Collectors event, and I'm following up today with a post about a collectible that some of you may have in your collections. In 1974, we ran a "Recapture the 20's" promotion which offered a series of reproductions of historic 1920s serving trays, including serving trays made in 1922, 1923 and 1925. The reproduction trays were available by mail for one dollar with proof-of-purchase or alternatively, in special in-store deals. This promotion was actually the second reproduction tray promotion after the "Good Ole Trays" promotion of 1973 in which one and a half million trays were redeemed. This promotional video from our collection gives a brief overview of the in-store portion of the program, which was billed as "One of the biggest promotions ever for Coca-Cola". This series of trays featured models commonly referred to as "Autumn Girl", "Flapper Girl" and "Girl At Party", and the reproductions have copy stamped on the edges of the tray identifying them as reproductions. Do any of you collectors remember when these came out?

Coke Trays of the 20s Promotion