2 Million Facebook Fans Request Pink Coke Cans

Over the past several weeks, we’ve seen millions of our Fans like comments on ourCoca-ColaFacebook Page requesting that we turn our cans pink and donate the proceeds to breast cancer research. We’re big supporters of the cause and appreciate that our Fans are passionate about it, too.  While changing the color of our cans would have required a long lead time, we think the sentiment behind the creative idea is that our Fans want us to show our support in a tangible way.

The good news is that, as a company, we are already actively involved with two of the leading breast cancer organizations. Powerade and Sprite Zero are actively supporting the American Cancer Society through ChooseYou.com, a national movement created by the American Cancer Society that encourages women to put their own health first in the fight against cancer.  For everyone who visits ChooseYou.com, and who “Likes” Choose You on Facebook, POWERADE ZERO will contribute $1 to the American Cancer Society up to $100,000.

In addition, FUZE has specially-marked packages that are supporting Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Thanks for being a fan and helping to make a difference together.

L. Celeste Bottorff is VP, Living Well at The Coca-Cola Company.