Coke_singapore_canMy colleagues in Singapore have been celebrating this week, as Singapore has been selected to host the first Youth Olympic Games in 2010! This is a huge moment for Singapore, and my friends there are thrilled that the Games are coming to their country.

One part of the celebration is something Coke collectors will be interested in: Coca-Cola Singapore has launched a special limited-edition Coke can design to celebrate their successful bid for the Games.

A total of 201,000 cans will be produced (representing the year 2010 when the Games take place). The cans are being sold at a special stall on Orchard Road. (I’m not familiar with Singapore, but that address must be like saying Times Square or Piccadilly Circus!) The sale began Sunday (Feb. 24), and the cans are being offered for S$1 (about 71 U.S. cents). If collectors in Singapore are like the ones here in the States, the cans will be gone in a few days!

And the best thing about these special cans is that the proceeds will be donated to the Singapore Disabilities Sports Council.

One more thing: Coca-Cola is the longest-standing corporate sponsor of the Olympics, having been associated with the Games since 1928. This year’s Games in Beijing mark our 80th year of involvement. So, for those of you who follow my blog, that means you’re going to hear a lot more about our relationship with the Olympic Games as we near August in Beijing!