Friday Fun!

Members of my team have been waiting all year for today -- the day I get to recognize "Talk Like a Pirate Day" on my blog! (They really have been waiting for this since January!)

I'd like your help with honoring this special day. What would you have said about today if you were writing this?

The game: How would you tie Coke and Talk Like a Pirate Day together? How does a pirate ask for a Coca-Cola?

Though your "line" doesn't have to relate to this, here is a pirate-related Coke image for you -- a Coca-Cola parrot festoon from 1933:


Leave me a comment with your best Coca-Cola / pirate line and I’ll announce the winner on Thursday. The winner will receive a prize (not a grand prize, but a prize!).

I look forward to reading your best puns, jokes and “aaarrrrggg” comments!