I mentioned that our Coca-Cola Polar Bear turned 15 in 2008. The Bear was introduced as part of the “Always Coca-Cola” advertising campaign, which was really groundbreaking for us.

Always_cocacola_football_2In 1993, we made a sharp shift in our advertising with the “Always” campaign. “Always” was diverse in nature, with an initial run of 27 commercials created to appeal to specific audiences. (That was very different from our past campaigns, when we often had ads following a specific theme or that were meant to appeal to a large audience.)

The “Always” ads ran around the world and included a variety of innovative technical approaches, such as computer animation. (Remember, it was innovative at the time!) The commercials used everything from humor, music, animation and even Shakespearean parody to appeal to people's enjoyment of the Coke taste and the refreshment it provides.

The "Always Coca-Cola" campaign ran from 1993 to 2000. Do you have a favorite?