Many of the comments I receive to my blog posts request evaluations of individual items. While Ido try to suggest resources where individuals can find information on the current values of collectibles, it is impossible for me to provide appraisals of specific pieces. I have communicated this limitation previously, but I do understand that there are always new readers coming to the blog who may not understand my inability to be responsive on this issue.

Here are a few tips for readers who are curious about the value of items they own. The best overall price guide is Allan Petretti's Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide, now in its 12th edition. This book has over 600 pages of information on the values of advertising materials, promotional items and packaging. It can be found in any major bookstore. Yet, despite its extensive coverage of the collectibles field, the Petretti Guide cannot list everything. Online auction sites such as eBay are excellent resources to get a sense of what collectors are buying and selling, and at what prices.Antiqueshows, flea markets and collector meetings are other places that can provide valuable data on the market value of memorabilia.

Reading the posts that I have done in the Memorabilia category on the blog will also provide an overall framework for determining what items have significant value. I can't cover everything, and the blog was never intended to function as an online price guide,but I have tried to provide some guidance on those items that continually have an appeal to collectors.

I will continue to do posts on collectibles and their values and welcome your comments on those posts, but please do not ask me to set a price for the treasure you have in your attic or basement.