Tunis 77 FIFA World Youth Tournament for The Coca-Cola Cup Netherlands poster I'm really enjoying the elimination rounds of the FIFA World Cup. As you prepare to watch the games this weekend, I thought I'd share another Coke and FIFA historical poster from our files. This is a Dutch poster from 1977, when Coke along with FIFA launched The FIFA World Youth Tournament for "The Coca-Cola Cup." This first ever sponsored youth tournament for 16-19 year olds was held in Tunis, Tunisia. 16 countries (five European, two Central American, three South American, three African and three Asian) competed in the tournament, which was held in Tunisia. In the same year, we launched the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Football Development Program -- an educational effort designed to share soccer technology, teaching, training, administration and officiating in up to 100 countries where soccer was a relatively young and growing sport.  Also, don't forget that this weekend is the final weekend to see the 2010 FIFA World Cup exhibit at the World of Coke.