1949 Coca-Cola Contour Bottle from Egypt

A Coca-Cola retiree who worked in many places, including Egypt, brought a very unique bottle to us last week. It is a 1949 contour bottle with the Coca-Cola trademark embossed in the glass in English on one side and Arabic on the other. He found the bottle many years ago and held onto it until now. He described how rare this bottle is - created by local Egyptian glass makers and filled in Egypt. As I did a little further research, I found the following snippet from the December, 1949 issue of Coca-Cola Overseas:

"During these first three years of Cairo's [Coca-Cola Bottling] operation, many unusual adverse circumstances had to be overcome. The greatest handicap all during this period was the shortage of machines and especially of bottles. Nowhere have bottles endured such a fast turnover as in Cairo. It happened quite often that the same bottle came back to the plant twice a day and was refilled during the night for its first trip next day."

Given this context, it is pretty cool to hold this bottle in my hand! I'm sure some of you Coca-Cola collectors out there have a bottle like this in your collection - please share your comments!