Do you remember where you were 23 years ago today?

Many people do. Those are the people who protested the introduction of what’s commonly called "new Coke" starting in April 1985. That's when we announced a new taste for Coca-Cola.

Cocacola_classic_original_formulaJust a few months later -- on July 10, 1985 -- we announced that we were bringing back the original formula for Coca-Cola. It was called Coca-Cola classic in the U.S. and Canada from then on. (Why only those two countries? Because those are the only two "lucky" enough to have gotten "new Coke" in the first place!)

When the Company announced the return of "old" Coke, it actually led the evening news as the most important story of the day. People who had been hoarding the original Coke in cans and bottles could finally start enjoying their favorite drink again.

We've heard stories from people who had purchased as much "old" Coca-Cola as they could and were basically rationing it -- only allowing themselves to drink a certain number a week or month, all to make their "stash" last longer!

In fact, we've even heard from one person who stored so much of the "old" Coke in bottles that the floor of his house warped! Even better is that he thought it was worth it -- all to have his supply of the original Coca-Cola!

Today we don't have that problem. Your local retailer has enough Coca-Cola classic to satisfy everybody's thirst!