William Marty has enjoyed working at Coca-Cola for 93 years. Of course, no one person can work for that many consecutive years, but three generations of William Marty’s can. The family has worked at Coca-Cola since 1921. 

The youngest of the trio, William (Todd) Marty, recently celebrated his 26th year and currently works as the Indiana Market Unit Food Service & On-Premise Director. His father, William (Bill) Marty, Jr. retired in 2011 after 54 years of service with the company. Bill’s father, William (Will) Marty, Sr., spent 60 years servicing the Louisville, Ky. marketplace. That adds up to 140 years of combined service.

“I know that all three of us have considered it a privilege to support this great company,” said Todd Marty. “Coca-Cola has brought my family and me countless opportunities and outstanding experiences.” 

William Marty Sr.
William Marty Sr.

The first Marty to work at Coca-Cola, Will, started as a bottle washer in 1921. He worked the majority of his career as a conventional route salesman. He became a route supervisor in the 1960s and finished his career as a security checker and customer service representative.

On April 11, 1901, Coca-Cola was first bottled in Louisville. Two decades years later, Will Marty was cold-calling customers on the city streets. He started just five years after the rollout of the contour bottle.  At the time, the company sold one brand in a single package size: Coca-Cola 6.5 oz. bottles.

Will was onboard for Coke's first packaging innovation: the 1923 rollout of Coca-Cola 6.5 oz., 6- pack cartons. 

Will’s brother, Fred Marty, worked at Coca-Cola for 45 years (1933-1978). Together, they saw bottle sales surpass fountain sales in the early 1930s. They watched local bottlers grow from a few hundred to thousands. They were there when Robert W. Woodruff, CEO and Chairman, expanded internationally, playing a major supporting role in the World War II efforts. 

Will’s son, Bill, started with the company in the summer of 1957. He was responsible for sanding vending machines to prepare them for refurbishment. He worked his way through college at the University of Louisville, earning a degree in business management. When Bill first started selling Coca-Cola, cases were sold for 80 cents apiece. During Bill’s career, he saw the launch of TaB, Sprite and many more brands. He was part of experimental promotions like the talking vendor, contour cans, magic Cans and “the real thing” under-the-cap promotion.

William Marty Jr.
Bill Marty Jr.

In 1967, Bill was promoted to general manager of a small warehouse facility in Scottsburg, Ind. He became heavily involved in the Indiana Soft Drink Association and recently received a lifetime membership in honor of his contributions. He networked through local bottlers and in 1976 was hired to run a production/sales center in South Bend, Ind. He played an instrumental role in developing a relationship with Notre Dame University.

In 1989, Bill was promoted by owner Marvin Herb to vice president of sales and marketing for the Indiana Division of the Coca-Cola Herb Group. During his tenure, Bill played a critical role in building long-term partnerships with the Indianapolis Colts, along with Indiana and Purdue Universities. 

He created relationships with the Indiana Black Expo by sponsoring such events as the Coca-Cola Circle City Classic. He has served on the boards of many other local organizations. Bill retired in 2011 as director of government and public affairs at Coca-Cola Enterprises. 

When asked what he missed most about working for Coca-Cola since retirement, he said, “The people.  No matter if they were employees, customers, suppliers or consumers, I will forever be in debt to this company for helping me meet some of the best friends in my life.” 

Bill is on the board of the Boys & Girls Club of Indianapolis and acts as a Coca-Cola Ambassador every day. He and his wife Anne will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in 2016. 

Todd Marty was born November 25, 1971. His birth announcement was delivered to friends and family on an official “Coca-Cola new product communication card.”

If you ask Todd what his first job at Coke was, he'll tell you it was riding around in his grandfather’s 1973 Nova handling product complaints at the age of five. He officially started his career during the Max Headroom era in 1988. Some of Todd’s official duties included flushing pre mix tanks, tearing out production from the facility, loading trucks and supporting the 1988 Special Olympics at Notre Dame. 

Todd worked his way through college loading trucks in the winter and running conventional sales routes in the summer. He graduated from Indiana State University just blocks from the birthplace of the contour bottle in Terre Haute, Ind. Todd has held many roles in the company and has worked at more than seven distribution centers. Todd witnessed milestones such as conversion from post-mix fountain tanks to bag-in-the-box and now to Coca-Cola Freestyle. He saw the dismissal of returnable bottles and the launch of PET packaging. Todd enjoys working every day, adding another brick on top of the foundation his father and grandfather worked on before him.

He and his wife Erin have three children Jacob (16), Kaelyn (13) and Autumn (11). When asked if they plan to keep the tradition going, Todd said “Only the future can tell. They definitely consume their fair share of our portfolio. They see the fun we have in our business and there is no doubt they have the loyalty to the brand.”