This year, Fanta is rolling out a new look, new bottle and a new formula in select markets. To toast this next chapter in the brand's colorful history, we thought we'd share these four fun, historical facts about Fanta:

1. Fanta launched in Naples, Italy, in 1955. The Naples bottler was the first to produce and sell Fanta Orange using local citrus ingredients. Fanta quickly spread to other markets including South Africa and the United States. Today, Fanta is available in more than 190 countries.

2. The name "Fanta" comes from the word "Fantasie", which means imagination. There are some variations for the name, as in Panama, where it is called Kist.

3. For a long time, Costa Rica had an exclusive Fanta flavor, Kolita. It was very popular in Central America during the 1980s and '90s and is still available in Costa Rica. In 2016, it returned to El Salvador.

4. Industrial designer Raymond Loewy submitted 25 or 30 designs for the Fanta bottle itself and for the logo. The ringed bottle (pictured right), bearing a Loewy “twin-peak” logo design on the shoulder, was chosen.