Wide range of costume ideas from the archives

Archives are a fundamental institution to uncover primary resources that illustrate historical events and people. Who knew that some of these primary resources could include funky, '70’s beach pants? Or baseball jerseys that predate World War II? Well at The Coca-Cola Company’s archives, there is a treasure trove of costume ideas waiting to be uncovered.

This Halloween we want to show you how to be creative with history and upcycle costumes that could be sitting in your parents’ attic, ready to give you a unique look for the holiday!

A League of Their Own

Step up to the plate in vintage baseball uniforms

This Halloween, use your dad or granddad’s vintage baseball uniform for a classic throwback. Pair up with the best female pitcher to represent one of cinemas most underrated [should be] couples. To add some character to it, go as one of history's iconic players, such as Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays or Joe DiMaggio. For some inspiration, check out the history between Coca-Cola and the great American game. 

Sharing Happiness from Door to Door

Share happiness as a Coca-Cola delivery person
The featured uniforms here represent Coca-Cola delivery ensembles from the 1940’s to the 1970’s. 

These snazzy ensembles remind us of the golden era when delivery men and women brought Americans their Coca-Cola on foot and in cartons for families to enjoy. The beginning of this service dates back to as early as 1900 when deliveries were made by wagon. As technology progressed so did the methods for delivering Coca-Cola to people around the world. Celebrate this timeless role with branded a uniform as your Halloween costume. Bonus: If you have a red or yellow truck, take it for spin and really bring back the good ol’ days.

Prom Queen

Reuse an old prom dress in any way

Does someone in your family still have a high school prom dress hanging in the closet begging for a revival? What better time to turn this gem into the perfect Halloween costume. The possibilities are truly endless with this one. Prom queen, celebrity, pageant winner, or any glamorous character is a great place to start.

With zombie frenzy on the rise, maybe you want a more goolish look. Add spooky makeup and you can turn the sweet, beauty costume into night of the walking dead.

The gorgeous cocktail dress featured here is a completely eco-friendly ensemble, with sequins made out of recycled cans and the bottom half from other recycled material, including eco-conscious silk and hemp. The dress was designed by Atlanta fashion designer Rachel Henderson in 2013 and worn by Cara Isdell Lee to the Captain Planet Foundation Gala.

As Long as I Got My Suit and Tie

Dress like a boss for Halloween

For guys in a pinch for time, grab a jacket- bonus points for vintage- add a tie and some accessories and show your corporate side. Mix it up with a fedora and go as a mob boss from the '30’s, or add a little comedy to your ensemble and remind friends of their horrible boss experiences.

If you have a nice suit on hand, slick back your hair and go as Don Draper. Or pair it with a blue t-shirt underneath and glasses and you’re suddenly Clark Kent undercover. Like the aforementioned dress for women, a suit for a guy can really transform into whatever you want. Add some dark makeup and blood and turn your costume into a zombie groom or prom date.

The above suit dates back to 1975. Part of a two-piece, polyester suit, the jacket exemplifies the style of the '70’s with a Coca-Cola patch on the left and is completed with a perfectly folded Arden square.

Let’s Get Groovy

Get groovy with Coca-Cola beach pants

Somehow we all have '70’s clothes still sitting in our parents' attics. So why not pull out those bell-bottoms and bring some flare to your Halloween? The easy part of this style is anyone can recognize (and appreciate) the throwback. Dress up as a disco king or queen. Find some groovy beads and go as a hippie. However you choose to dress your '70’s attire, just remember to tap into your inner Farrah Fawcett or Steve McQueen. 

The featured beach pants, hat and backpack are from a 1972 promotional advertisement from the Coca-Cola bottlers. They offered 300 million people the opportunity to buy the entire ensemble at a low cost with proof of purchase from bottles, cartons or cans.

Always remember to take advantage of your resources and use your local "archives" to uncover Halloween costume gold!