New Year’s resolutions are much easier to make than to keep. That’s because those year-end promises are often too lofty to reach. Setting unattainable goals is setting the stage for a flop. Plus, it’s often much more fun to misbehave than it is to stay on task to create a healthier you.

We’ve asked several life coaches and dietitians — people who generally have more willpower than most, in other words — what they’d recommend for those who want to wake up to a life of better choices tomorrow. 

The results may not be instant, but you can at least get started on the right path... right now.

1. Drink More Water

Ali McWilliams is a personal trainer and life coach whose blog deals in everything from toning one’s bottom to curtailing winter weight gain.

Her number one tip for staying in shape, both mentally and physically, is something you can start this instant with Dasani water — McWilliams recommends eight glasses of water a day.

2. Catch Some Zs

Adequate sleep is key, something over-scheduled people will say is easier said than done.“Take baby steps," McWilliams says. "Start by going to bed 15 minutes earlier each night."

Those baby steps are clearly worth it; McWilliams says some clients who start sleeping and hydrating properly lose weight as a result.

3. Schedule Downtime

Amber Rosenberg, a professional life, career and executive coach, says busy people often need to schedule self-care activities into the calendar as non-negotiable dates. “If you really want to live better, it's imperative to take care of yourself and manage your stress,” she says.

That means making time for exercise and eating right. She also suggests a daily renewal ritual for managing stress, which could mean any quiet, reflective activity that allows you to slow down your brain and be in the moment. Try meditation, yoga, journaling, prayer, yoga, listening to music or any quiet activity.

4. Focus on Health, Not Weight

Leah McGrath is the dietitian for Ingles Markets, a southeastern grocery chain. As such, she’s got a good handle on what people should eat to stay healthy. That’s why it’s interesting to hear her join the chorus that insists that numbers on a scale are just that — numbers. 

“Instead of restrictive food resolutions, or being a slave to a number on a scale, think about all of the ingredients for your health,” she says.

That means making better food choices instead of crash diets. Add to that regular exercise and adequate sleep, plus stress reduction and illness prevention through healthy decisions, and you've got a recipe for healthy success.

5. Think Positively

Mind control may sound far-fetched, but according to Shirley Polak, a California-based life coach, it’s both easier — and more important — than you think.

If you feel like your changes of employment are slim before going into a job interview, chances are likely that potential employers can pick up on these feelings. But focusing instead on how you’re qualified manifests in your behavior.

“The more you focus on changing your mindset to benefit you, the more likely people will be drawn to you, both personally and professionally,” she says.

In short, focusing on what you want — not what you don’t — could "change your life for the better," she says.