Coke_fishtail_1962_calendarIn the world of Coca-Cola collecting, it’s not unusual to hear people talk about a “fishtail.”

That refers to the Coke logo shown at the top of this calendar – red with indentions on both sides. (The “fishtail” term comes from the fact that each side looks like the tail of a fish.)

Technically it’s called the “Arciform” logo, but fishtail is more common.

The Arciform logo was unveiled in 1958 and used until 1965. You can see it on metal signs, in magazine ads, on coolers, on paper cups and more from that time.

We have one of these calendars (from 1962) in the Collectors Corner of the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, designed to look like the dream living room of a Coke collector.

A calendar like this one would sell for around $450.

Happy 50th birthday to the fishtail and, as always, happy collecting!