Half a century of the Bundesliga has produced a host of superstars, including Toni Schumacher, Lothar Matthäus, Sepp Maier, Jupp Heynckes, Diego and Lukas Podolski. What would happen if some of these outstanding footballers of the last five decades were to meet in one game? Coke Zero has made the impossible, possible. With commenting by the legendary Frank Buschmann, this ad makes the heart of any football fan beat a little faster.

August 24, 1963 is the day that a legend, the Bundesliga, was born with a match that pitted Borussia Dortmund against Werder Bremen. The very first goal of the day, scored by BVB player Timo Konietzka just 58 seconds into play, is a story that has been re-told countless times in the 50 years since it happened. It’s hard to understand in an age when there are dozens of TV cameras covering every game but there wasn’t a single photographer to capture Konietzka’s historic goal. It’s a moment that lives today only because it has been passed on by those who were in the stadium that day.

Today the Bundesliga is a premium brand with a global following. It's been 50 years filled with radiant winners, tragic heroes and inconsolable losers. The German football league has compiled the highlights on their jubilee website 50 Jahr Bundesliga