Welcome to 52 Songs of Happiness, a journey into the world’s most exciting new music brought to you by Coca-Cola. All 52 artists have created an original track based on a location that inspires them musically. Our next two artists have crafted amazing songs inspired by two very different environments: the English countryside and New York’s party scene.

First up is Ozwald Bozwald, a New York-based recording artist, producer, and entrepreneur whose music has an electronic party spirit that will get your back bumping and your fist pumping. We talked to him about 52 Songs of Happiness and Coca-Cola Placelists.

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your music.

I’ve been making music and writing rhymes since the first grade, and I started DJing when I was 15. Over the years, my musical tastes have expanded immensely and that has reflected heavily in the music I make today. In a nutshell, I’m a pop-hip-hop artist with electro and rock undertones.

Tell us where you wrote your song "Nothin’ Like New York" for 52 Songs of Happiness?

I wrote it here in NYC in my recording studio. It’s easy to find inspiration when writing about New York because I just step outside my apartment and I’m in the greatest city in the world in the middle of all the action.

So we’re guessing you’ve chosen New York for your Placelist?

Correct! The greatest place on earth, period. I’m trying to find something I could say about New York that hasn’t already been said, but all the clichés are true. A city so good they named it twice.

Which person would you love to collaborate with?

I would collaborate with either Tone Loc or Young MC. Those were probably my two favorite rappers growing up and their records still kill it in the clubs today. I’d love to do a fun party track with them dudes, it would be game over!

Where would you love to play a live show?

I’d love to play a show for our troops overseas in Iraq or Afghanistan. They’re willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, so it would be a great honor to do a show for them. 

Listen to Ozwald Bozwald's Placelist, and check out his track "Nothin' Like New York" below:



Our next artist is upcoming English singer-songwriter Abi F Jones, who crafts a charming brand of folk-inspired acoustic guitar music that is partly inspired by growing up in rural surroundings. Her track for 52 Songs of Happiness is called ‘Treetop’ and we talked to her about it and her Placelist.

Abi F. Jones

Hi Abi, can you tell us where have you chosen for your Placelist?

I’ve chosen the beautiful estate Polesden Lacey near the village where I live in Surrey. I used to go down to the woods regularly as a child with parents and friends and climb trees. I loved the sense of freedom I got when I was there. Being up in the trees and swinging from branches freed up my mind and allowed creativity to blossom.

It seems your family and friends have played an important role in your songwriting?

My music is heavily based on events that have happened to me, my family, and my friends. The great thing about being able to put down very personal feelings and emotions into my songwriting is that it allows others to find answers within the music that maybe they would not have found by themselves. Songs need to come from within the heart.

Do you still spend a lot of time in the great outdoors?

Yes, the woods inspire me to make music because all around is movement. Movement of the trees, of the bugs, the birds, the wildlife, the water and the clouds in the air! Everything has rhythm and movements and I wanted to incorporate all of these things into my songs.

Listen to Abi F Jones’ Placelist, and listen to her song "Treetop" below:

Josh Burke

Josh Burke is VP of Marketing and Direct to Brand Partnerships at Music Dealers. From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Josh has been a musician since a very early age. After receiving a degree in Jazz Performance from Roosevelt University, Josh was a professional jazz musician and promoter, organizing fashion and music events around Chicago. Josh joined Music Dealers during its early stages in 2009, where he developed the Rights Administration department and served as Director of Operations until moving into heading up the Marketing and Direct to Brand teams.

In August 2011, when Music Dealers forged a partnership with Coca-Cola, Josh moved to Atlanta to work out of Coca-Cola's HQ full time as Music Specialist in Coke's Worldwide Sports and Entertainment Marketing team.

Together with Dan Kuypers, he is the creator and curator of the 52 Songs of Happiness campaign.