We continue our journey into the world’s most exciting new music with two amazing female artists from both sides of the Atlantic. Each has created a unique track for Coca-Cola Placelists based on a location that inspires them musically, each in their very different style.

First up is the fantastic new American singer-songwriter Emma Jayne. Chicago-based Emma has been playing music her whole life, with the piano and ukulele just two of the instruments she balances against her delicate voice. We met to talk about her inspiration.

Emma Jayne

Introduce yourself and tell us about your music.

I write acoustic pop but you’ll find bits and pieces of other genres too. I tell a story with my songs, and when people listen, maybe they can learn a thing or two about themselves.

What inspires you to make music?

I write my songs such as ‘Individual’ about my life: I find that they help me make sense of a situation or a confusing time. When I finish a song, I not only get a feeling of fulfillment, but a sense of clarity as well.

Tell us about the location you have chosen for your Placelist.

The location I’ve chosen for my placelist is Lake Delton, where I’ve been going to sleepaway camp since 4th grade. The friendships I’ve made there are unbreakable and the community at camp cannot be compared. The experiences I’ve had at camp are so profound, that I find music is the best way to encompass everything I’m feeling.

Check out her track ‘Individual’ on Coca-Cola Placelists:

Next up is Laura Steel, a UK-based electro-pop singer who fuses party electro music with a Latino flavour. We talked to her about her track and her musical influences.

Laura Steel

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Laura Steel. I'm originally from Sheffield and have been living and working in London since 2002. I started off my music career in the background, working as an art director, stylist, hair and makeup artist. I have been working professionally in music now as a singer/songwriter for five years and I love it!

Who are your top three musical heroes? Why? 

Three artists I am listening to today are Rhye, Frank Ocean and Polica. I wouldn’t particularly call them my musical heroes but I'm really into their writing and sound, but tomorrow it could be someone completely different!

Which person would you love to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with Rick Rubin. I love pretty much every track he has ever produced. I find his method, technique and style incredibly interesting. He is deep and spiritual and I find him utterly spellbinding.

Tell us about the location you've chosen for your Placelist.

The songs in my Placelist are just a few of the songs I listen to when wandering around the Southbank where many of my favourite museums are. In many ways the selections are similar to the collections - eclectic, personal and very close to my heart.

Check out Laura's Placelist on Coca-Cola Placelists.

Dan Kuypers

Dan Kuypers is senior creative director and music supervisor at Music Dealers. Together with Josh Burke, he is the creator and curator of the "52 Songs of Happiness" campaign. Dan has been with Music Dealers from close to the beginning, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company; having spent over a decade running EV Productions, a highly respected Chicago indie label, distributor and studio with nearly 50 releases to date. Dan is also a former touring musician. He is now the dedicated creative resource for Coca-Cola, working with markets across the world on everything from creating original songs for major global campaigns to sourcing artists from obscure countries for smaller projects, and everything in between. Dan is a true Chicagoan and a diehard White Sox fan.