It’s a new month and we’ve got four incredible new artists to introduce you to, all of whom have crafted a one-off track for Coca-Cola 52 Songs Of Happiness based around a treasured location.

We caught up with Roz Bell, Bear Scout, Newmaik and NorthRock 360 to talk about their unique song and the Placelist they’ve each created, which acts as a soundtrack to describe what makes that place so special. 

Park life is where Canada’s gifted pop singer/songwriter Roz Bell finds his creativity

Roz was raised in a rural Canadian farming community before moving to Toronto to follow his dreams and has shared the stage with Robin Thicke among others. And Roz’ talents don’t lie in music alone - he’s also finished a novel, with a second on the way.

Hi Roz, good to see you – how would you describe your music?

My music is a mélange of my loves and influences. I was raised on 80's pop radio then fell in love with hip-hop only to give it all up for an acoustic guitar. My roots are strong and they shine through in everything I do, but I’m always passionate about inventive new artists. I’d love to collaborate with the likes of Skrillex, Bon Iver or James Blake. I really admire what they do with production, and they’re incredibly talented and unique.

Tell us where you wrote your song  ‘Back In Bellwoods Park’ for 52 Songs of Happiness?

I wrote the song in the kitchen of my apartment, in the cold Toronto winter, thinking about warmer days ahead.

We don’t need to ask where you’ve chosen for your Placelist do we?!

No, not really! Bellwoods Park is such a special park in downtown Toronto. It’s typical of an urban park in that there are baseball diamonds, park benches, an off-leash area, and of course being in Canada, there’s a hockey rink. It's a beautiful place to take in the short Canadian summer in the city.

Where would you love to play a live show?

It would be special to play the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. That building has so much history. There’re musical ghosts in there! I think of everyone who has been on that stage and it inspires me.

Listen to Roz Bell's Placelist

Bear Scout

Bear Scout’s dreamy indie-pop soundtrack will have you falling in love

Bear Scout’s giant melodies and irresistible pop hooks will appeal to any fans of Youngblood Hawke, Passion Pit, MS MR or The Naked & Famous. We met Kenny Fleetwood from the band to hear about ‘Anchors Away’, their contribution to 52 Songs Of Happiness, and their Placelist. 

What's up, Kenny! Can you tell us a little about Bear Scout’s music?

Our music is a mixture of genres, with elements of pop, indie, downtempo and electronic. We’re striving to inflict a bit of a change in the current pop music in a way that we’re still experimenting with. We like to think we’re pretty musically open-minded, in the best way.

Tell us about ‘Anchors Away’, your song for 52 Songs of Happiness?

I wrote it in my tiny basement apartment in Nashville, Tennessee, which probably sounds a little odd considering that our track is very obviously about being surrounded by water. Writing is a journey and with a little imagination and time you can truly go anywhere. I’ve always had a rather unhealthy infatuation with the concepts of being lost at sea and with falling in love. The two ideas really just came together to create this love story.

And the water theme continues with the choice of songs for your Placelist?

Yeah, we chose Percy Priest Lake near our home in Nashville because it’s the only place close by where we can get out on the water and leave the city behind. We’re in love with where we live so we wanted to choose a location nearby and songs on our Placelist that recreate the vibe of our track.

Listen to Bear Scout’s Placelist


Newmaik’s irresistible music is the perfect soundtrack to endless summer days

Newmaik, AKA Maikel Gomez, is a Spain-based singer who fuses party electro music with a Latino flavour. We talked to the Swiss-born artist about his track for 52 Songs Of Happiness ‘Entre Los Dos’ and his Placelist tracks.

How do you describe your music?

I want my music to be for all age groups, with joyful songs for dancing. I love R’n’B music and merge it with mainstream styles. I try to share something positive from my music with the public to make listeners feel good.

Tell us where you wrote your song for 52 Songs of Happiness?

The song was written in Gijon, in the studio on top of a mountain with the sea just a few miles away. It’s a great place to find inspiration to make music.

And your your Placelist – what place inspired your song choice?

I love the clubs and the atmosphere in Playa d’en Bossa, which is a beach area of Ibiza, where the sun and the sea are present. It’s a special place that brings good feelings and that’s what the world needs. It’s a place for friendship and parties!

Where in the world would you love to play a live show?

Miami is one of the areas I would love to see but the truth is I’d love to go to many places. Anywhere people like my music is where I want to play!

Which person would you love to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with Daddy Yankee as he is an awesome Latino artist.

Listen to Newmaik's Placelist

NorthRock 360

NorthRock 360 brings us music with a positive outlook every step of the way

Daniel Martinez, also known as Outbreak and Jorge Soto, AKA U-N-I are a dynamic duo from the Midwest US who work collaboratively and individually to form NorthRock 360, an energetic fusion of Latin roots, hip-hop and pop culture. We talked to them about what inspires their music and where in the world they’d most like to visit.

Hi NorthRock! Please introduce yourself and tell us about your music

Hey everyone! We represent the Logan Square and Humboldt Park communities in Chicago, Illinois. It’s hard to categorize the exact style of music we do. If you had to place a genre on us, it would be Latin-Urban Pop.

Who are your top three musical heroes? Why? 

All types of music have influenced us. We listen to different kinds of music from Hip Hop, Pop, Country, House, RnB, Salsa, Merengue and Bachata. If we had to, we could narrow it down to LL Cool J, Big Pun and Pitbull.

LL Cool J for the simple fact that he is timeless. His longevity and ability to grow as popular music changes, is like no one else. His music and brand continues to expand.

Big Pun gave us belief that an inner city Latin Kid could make it in Hip Hop. His first album was the first by a Puerto Rican Hip Hop artist to go Platinum and win multiple awards. For that he is an epic inspiration.

Finally Pitbull - what can’t we say about Pit? He is the reason we are as far along as we are. Had he not opened up so many doors for us and broke into so many genres, NorthRock wouldn’t be what it is today. He continues to defy the norm and what once was a long shot is now an attainable reality. Thank you Pitbull!

Where would you love to play a live show?

Our dream would be to tour Latin America and Europe. We’ve always dreamed of playing in London and anywhere in South America.

Which person would you love to collaborate with?

Pitbull! His musical fusion with ours would be an epic collaboration. We’d be excited to get into the studio and just create and see where the record would go. We all have such lively personalities and would work until we created something the world would enjoy!

Josh Burke

Josh Burke is VP of Marketing and Direct to Brand Partnerships at Music Dealers. From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Josh has been a musician since a very early age. After receiving a degree in Jazz Performance from Roosevelt University, Josh was a professional jazz musician and promoter, organizing fashion and music events around Chicago. Josh joined Music Dealers during its early stages in 2009, where he developed the Rights Administration department and served as Director of Operations until moving into heading up the Marketing and Direct to Brand teams.

In August 2011, when Music Dealers forged a partnership with Coca-Cola, Josh moved to Atlanta to work out of Coca-Cola's HQ full time as Music Specialist in Coke's Worldwide Sports and Entertainment Marketing team.

Together with Dan Kuypers, he is the creator and curator of the 52 Songs of Happiness campaign.