This month we continue our Coca-Cola 52 Songs of Happiness musical journey across the globe with four impressive new artists, who have each created a unique track based around a treasured location. To accompany their fantastic songs, the artists have also put together a Placelist with the music that makes that place so special.

Gifted new Atlanta songwriter Jonah Swilley weaves uplifting stories within his music.

Jonah comes from a musical family, with a brother in garage rock band The Black Lips. His contribution to 52 Songs of Happiness is called ‘Backseat’, showcasing the young troubadour’s love of melody and storytelling.

Hi Jonah, to people new to your music, how would you describe your songs?

My music is hip-hop, mixed with garage rock influences and catchy melodies. I want my songs to inspire and have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Tell us about the fantastic song ‘Backseat’ you’ve written for 52 Songs of Happiness?

Thanks, glad you like it! I wrote ‘Backseat’ in my bedroom at home in Atlanta. I often piece songs together there as it’s a comfortable place where I can open my mind and gather my creative thoughts, and I’m really pleased with the track.

We see you’ve chosen a special place in Atlanta for your Placelist?

I grew up visiting Little Five Points, located on the city’s east side. It’s a very diverse area where all walks of life work, shop and hang out. It has tons of life and character. 

Your music blends the sounds of different genres; you must listen to a real mix of artists?

Yes, but it’s the songwriters Johnny Cash, John Lennon and Bob Marley that are my top three musical heroes. Johnny Cash was rough and gritty, Lennon transformed throughout his career and Marley’s music brought new ideas such as social change. Currently, I love Andre 3000. Not only does he project creativity but I also really connect with his ability to create music across multiple genres.

Is there a place where you’d love to play a show one day?

In July, I was lucky enough to perform at a couple of venues in Barcelona. Central Park in New York would be an awesome place for a live show, other artists’ performances there look incredible!


Crafting music that makes even ewoks dance, Tiff Jimber is California’s newest pop sensation!

Tiff Jimber

Singer/songwriter Tiff Jimber is a surf-loving musician who spends as much time down the beach as possible. And when she’s not soaking up the rays, she’s writing some of the most exciting new music you’ll hear.

Hi Tiff, tell us about your music?

I write piano pop tunes that make ewoks dance. I know this because I live with one...and he's always dancing!

Ha, ha! It sounds like a fun house. Tell us about your track for 52 Songs of Happiness – ‘Back To The Days’?

I wrote it in Ventura, California, which was inspired by my favourite hometown seaside spot, Mission Beach.

Which musicians have been the catalysts for your creativity?

There are many, but three that spring to mind are Sara Bareilles for her unstoppable integrity for her art, Billy Joel for showing the world that the piano rocks, and Chopin for creating some of the most beautiful, lasting music I've ever heard. Oh, and I would love to collaborate with Ben Folds. I admire his lyrics and rhythmic style on the piano.

Tell us about the location you've chosen for your Placelist?

My Placelist has a lot of laid-back beach songs in it, which mostly remind me of middle school in San Diego. I spent a lot of my time there growing up, and the beach is still where I spent most of my free hours.


Meet the amazing Mr Robotic, whose energised dance music will kickstart any party!

Mr Robotic

Gifted producer and MC Mr Robotic, who crafts EDM anthems that are designed squarely for the party, such as ‘Feel The Love’, has contributed to 52 Songs of Happiness.

I’ve heard that Jay-Z is your music inspiration?

That’s right. I believe in touching peoples’ lives, not just in the United States but around the world. Jay-Z has an international presence, both with his music and personality that crosses all the lines and that’s what I strive to achieve.

Which other artists have motivated you out of music?

People who work hard and make global impacts. For example, Sean Parker, Napster co-creator, Mark Cuban, American entrepreneur and sports team owner, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, and Damon John, the American entrepreneur and television star.

Your Placelist is dedicated to the location where one of your finest performances took place, the famous Las Vegas Blvd. Tell us about it?

It was one of the favorite shows I’ve performed at to date. The event was a model contest and it was a sold-out crowd, with everyone dancing and partying with their hands in the sky. I was literally performing songs of happiness.


Inspired by the Queen of Pop, Madonna, Ashlee Keating’s infectious pop/dance tunes will have you hooked!

Ashlee Keating

Ashlee’s fantastic ‘Ice Kingdom’ is an irresistible three and a half minutes of fun, dedicated to an infamous local attraction. We met up with the singer to chat about her song and her choice of Placelist.

Hi Ashley, where are you based and how would you describe your music?

Hi there! I’m a native of Southern New Jersey but I’m currently living and working hard in Los Angeles, California. My music style is pop/dance with a unique flourish that I like to call ‘Ashleefied’. I like to write about my life experiences as well as making my songs relevant to what my friends and fans go through in their day-to-day lives.

Which artists have inspired your music?

Madonna’s music has had a major impact on me over the years; she’s an incredible singer, dancer and performer. Justin Timberlake has also had many years of success as a musician. With six Grammys and four Emmys, he now has an outstanding track record, but I also admire him because he’s managed to stay humble throughout his career and keep his focus on doing what he loves. He’s a great role model for everyone.

Tell us about your Placelist?

I chose Long Beach, California for my Placelist. There’s a famous ocean liner there that is transformed into a winter wonderland during the holiday season, hence the inspiration for my song ‘Ice Kingdom’. It’s an incredible place to visit for people of all ages, with over two million pounds of ice: ice sculptures, a skate rink, ice tubing slide, a frozen igloo and lots more.  All of this in California where winter really doesn’t exist!

Where would you love to go and play a live show?

I would love to perform in Times Square on New Years Eve, as I watch it every year and always wish I was on that stage performing. I would also love to perform in the White House – that would be such an honor.


Josh Burke

Josh Burke is VP of Marketing and Direct to Brand Partnerships at Music Dealers. From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Josh has been a musician since a very early age. After receiving a degree in Jazz Performance from Roosevelt University, Josh was a professional jazz musician and promoter, organizing fashion and music events around Chicago. Josh joined Music Dealers during its early stages in 2009, where he developed the Rights Administration department and served as Director of Operations until moving into heading up the Marketing and Direct to Brand teams.

In August 2011, when Music Dealers forged a partnership with Coca-Cola, Josh moved to Atlanta to work out of Coca-Cola's HQ full time as Music Specialist in Coke's Worldwide Sports and Entertainment Marketing team.

Together with Dan Kuypers, he is the creator and curator of the 52 Songs of Happiness campaign.