This year, the World of Coca-Cola is celebrating its seventh anniversary at Pemberton Place. Located in downtown Atlanta across from Centennial Olympic Park, the World of Coca-Cola celebrates the fascinating history and global scale of The Coca-Cola Company. For those who have never been or who have not visited in a while, now is the time to go. From exciting new additions to guest favorites, here are seven reasons to visit the home of happiness...

1. Howard Finster: Visions of Coca-Cola

Finster Exhibit at World of Coca-Cola

In May, the World of Coca-Cola unveiled a new exhibit in the Pop Culture Gallery featuring the unique work of artist Howard Finster. A self-taught artist and Baptist minister from Georgia, Finster is considered one of the most important folk artists of the 20th Century. The artwork displayed shows his love for Coca-Cola and fascination with the Coca-Cola contour bottle.

Some of the pieces on display include a 13-ft. Coke bottle that depicts historical figures in the artist’s unique style and an 8-ft. original folk art bottle, which Finster created for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

2. Mobile App

Mobile app

The new World of Coca-Cola Explorer mobile app allows guests to experience the attraction like never before. Designed specifically to be used at the World of Coca-Cola, the app uses Bluetooth location-sensing technology to act like a personal VIP tour guide and deliver additional fascinating facts about Coca-Cola to visitors as they move about the attraction. Additionally, the app also allows users to create custom photos of themselves and their friends with fun frames and cool effects, keep a journal of their favorite beverages from the Taste It! beverage lounge, follow the World of Coca-Cola guide map and get general information about the attraction. After unlocking the app’s features, guests can continue to enjoy them any time after their visit on their iPhone or iPod Touch.

3. Moments of Happiness Film

In May, the World of Coca-Cola celebrated its seventh anniversary at Pemberton Place by introducing a new short film, Moments of Happiness. The six-minute film celebrates some of life’s most memorable moments experienced by people of different ages and cultures around the world.

“We refer to the World of Coca-Cola as the Home of Happiness, so it makes a lot of sense that we feature a film that reflects that,” said Russell Jacobs, general manager of retail and attractions for The Coca-Cola Company. “The film follows people going through milestone life experiences like skydiving for the first time, along with moments like surprising a loved one on a special occasion. That’s what the World of Coca-Cola is really all about – those shared moments of happiness, large and small.”

World of Coca-Cola Moment of Happiness Film

The “Moments of Happiness” film is exclusively available for viewing at the World of Coca-Cola, but those interested in catching a glimpse can check out the trailer here.

4. My Coke Art at World of Coca-Cola

The Pop Culture Gallery celebrates people’s love for Coca-Cola and explores the brand’s influence on popular culture. Now guests of the attraction can express their fascination for Coca-Cola through an interactive experience called My Coke Art.

My Coke Art features three new touch screen kiosks that allow guests to design their own artwork based on the iconic Coca-Cola bottle, using a set of graphic elements that may be combined and altered in a variety of ways. The finished artwork can then be shared via email, or displayed on large monitors in the gallery for others to enjoy.

5. Taste It! Beverage Lounge

The Taste It! beverage lounge, our No. 1-rated experience, allows guests to take their taste buds on a trip around the world. Visitors can sample more than 100 beverages The Coca-Cola Company offers across the globe, including the buzz-worthy Beverly.

Introduced in Italy in 1969, Beverly is a nonalcoholic aperitif that is meant to be consumed before meals. The beverage competed against other aperitifs in the Italian marketplace for decades. In 1991, Beverly “White” was selected as one of the 16 products from around the world to be made available in the tasting area of the original World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. Although discontinued in Italy in 2009 due to continuous product consolidation in the Italian market, Beverly is still available at the World of Coca-Cola and remains one of the most popular, must-try drinks due to its distinctive taste.

World of Coca-Cola

Taste It! also includes an area dedicated to a variety of Coca-Cola beverages such as Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Vanilla Coke and Coke Zero. This area also features Coca-Cola Freestyle machines which offer guests over 100 different beverages from a single unit. At the Sampling Bar, the World of Coca-Cola’s Beverage Connoisseurs offer guests samples of the “Featured Product of the Day” and information about any of the drinks in Taste It!

6. Vault of the Secret Formula

Visitors to the attraction can now get closer to the secret formula than ever before! In the Vault of the Secret Formula exhibit, guests learn about The Coca-Cola Company’s most closely guarded trade secret through an immersive multimedia experience that celebrates the rich history, mythology and intrigue surrounding the secret formula.

Secret Formula Exhibit

7. Coca-Cola Polar Bear

World of Coca-Cola Polar Bear

One of the attraction’s most popular features is the photo opportunity with the beloved, 7-ft. Coca-Cola Polar Bear. The Coca-Cola Company and the polar bear have a rich history together. A polar bear first debuted in a Coca-Cola print advertisement in France in 1922. However, the modern polar bear did not make its debut until the 1993 “Always Coca-Cola” campaign which ran two different polar bear television ads.

The global “Always Coca-Cola” ad campaign featured a variety of innovative technical approaches, including the computer animation used to create the polar bear for the popular “Northern Lights” commercial. The polar bear has since become one of the most popular symbols of Coca-Cola advertising, and people around the world have fallen in love with the cute, mischievous and playful Coca-Cola Polar Bear.

For more information about the World of Coca-Cola and to plan your trip, visit the World of Coca-Cola website. Don’t forget to share your happiness! Tag your World of Coca-Cola photos with the hashtag #worldofcocacola or submit them directly through our website.